Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services

Digital has elevated banking customers’ expectations, requiring financial service providers to leverage technology, and place the customer at the core of their business in ways never done before. While this mandate has given banks the challenge of integrating emerging technologies with legacy systems, it has also changed the competitive landscape with the emergence of FinTech firms –triggering new partnerships and business models.

New challenges in cybersecurity and regulatory compliance have also emerged as part of the financial services landscape. Process automation, analytics, modernized infrastructure, and agile approaches are helping financial service providers, both old and new, thrive in an evolving industry that has high demands and little room for error.


Softtek partners with global leaders in the financial services industry to build a technology operational core that is reliable, secure, and flexible to the increasingly complex banking ecosystem. From modernizing technology operations to applying automation to optimize service management, we empower our clients’ digital, customer-focused strategies, and increase collaboration, security and compliance across the financial services ecosystem.

  • Unique approach to IT Transformation
  • Innovation
    & Digitization

Softtek service value

Softtek works with banking organizations to transform, integrate and manage intricate technology environments, while lowering costs and risks of current operations, and increasing regulatory compliance and organizational agility.

Our services and solutions help build a secure operational core, platform stability, and systems integration with modernized applications and infrastructure, while enabling innovation strategies to digitally enhance the customer experience. The right technology, people, and processes are helping our clients transform and optimize operations, minimize risk, and succeed with execution of new digital business models to exceed the demands of the modern banking customer.

Banking & Financial Services

Why Softtek

Proven banking capabilities
Softtek has been serving some of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations since 1988, helping them execute flawlessly, enable their transformation agenda, and create next-generation experiences in record time.
Collaborative culture
New agile approaches require tight collaboration and interaction. Softtek’s company culture is rooted on collaboration and co-creation principles. We act as an extension to our client’s teams, starting with an in depth assessment of the current operating model and tailoring our services and solutions to be aligned to the business priorities.
Geographic coverage
As banking organizations strive to become more agile, innovative and responsive, the need to partner with equally nimble companies with a high sense of urgency arises. Softtek provides comprehensive Nearshore support across the Americas, from Canada and USA to Argentina and Chile, complemented with delivery from Spain, China and India for global coverage.
Agile with discipline
Our process advantage lies in effectively blending strong process maturity with proven agile approaches and principles. From Lean StartUp (Softtek RunLean™) and Design Thinking to DevOps and Scalable Agile frameworks, we make work non-bureaucratic, outcome oriented and flexible.
Technology expertise
Softtek Banking & Financial Services team engages with our technology CoE to bring innovation to everyday experiences. Our CoEs include experts and knowledge across emerging technologies including: Mobile, Cloud, Machine Learning/AI, among others.
IT operations leadership
Softtek operates and evolves complex application portfolios and service requirements for a diversity of industries, from one of the world’s best airlines to nuclear energy companies, to some of the most key global banks and financial service providers.

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