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Digitized processes are the lifeblood of the digital economy. They change how organizations interact with customers, citizens and “things”. Semiconductors, component providers and ISVs are powering the future, with their devices and enabling components becoming the de-facto backbone of the new world. Internet of Things, software defined networks and infrastructure, Smart cities, Smart Oil fields, Smart Healthcare, and Smart Retail are just examples powered by this industry. And as this evolution unfolds, Electronics and High Tech Manufacturers race to become the most relevant enablers, leading them to ideate innovative solutions, accelerate IP creation and launch new products and solutions faster.



Softtek’s Electronics and High Tech vertical group teams up with semiconductor and high tech leaders to enable them to design, create, verify and sustain new product launches, while simplifying backoffice operations to refocus their efforts and talent on core R&D; those application and technologies that will change the world. Our services range from embedded engineering services, to application design, quality assurance, testing and application management, optimization and evolution.


What is value?

For our clients in the Electronics and High Tech group, value means:

  • Non-stop, critical infrastructure and applications management and monitoring through one of the most advanced Operation Command Centers and monitoring CoE in the world
  • Optimizing the sourcing and procurement functions through Global Procurement services
  • Adopting and securing multi-vendor next-gen collaboration platforms, increasing time to market by 50%
  • Rapid deployment of new, critical business initiatives, enabling rapid market share wins through agile development and DevOps services
  • Funding the innovation agenda or improving operating margins through managed infrastructure and application services
  • Accelerating game launch and time to market through game development outsourcing services
  • Enabling rapid revenue growth for new business through ultra-scalable transaction platforms and state of the art platform management services
  • Accelerating revenue streams by accelerating time to market through specialized services like new payment methods implementation or content services
  • Modernizing the application portfolio through application modernization services
  • Enabling Internet of Things and the R&A agenda through embedded systems services
  • Reducing technology complexity and technical debt through process and application simplification services


Why Softtek

Proximity As the electronics and high technology become even more agile, innovative and responsive, so does the need to work with agile, innovative and responsive partners. Softtek is the obvious choice for nearshore delivery, and leverages proximity to accelerate time to market and increase collaboration and innovation.
Experience With 3 of the world’s top 5 global semiconductors manufacturers worldwide, Softtek’s growing body of knowledge enables us to rapidly understand client drivers and needs, and deliver quality services combining agile, traditional and industry-specific capabilities to support business execution and operational needs. Softtek’s Electronics and High Technology experience and knowledge bases are combined with additional capabilities in our Global delivery centers across Latin America and the world, including our Embedded Systems, mobile and agile development CoE.
Maturity Softtek understands the complexity and criticality of the back office and front office operations of large, multinational electronics and high technology organizations. Our process maturity, certifications, and understanding of the mission critical nature of digital operations ensure low risk operations and effective service delivery. Our focus on outcomes, not rate cards, enables leaders in this space to transition to outcome based models, measure return on investment of different service delivery models, and create incentives that re-think the value of the overall global sourcing program.
Focus on the Americas Softtek has extensive coverage across the Americas. From Canada and USA to Argentina, Softtek can roll out to and deliver services from lower cost nearshore locations. Softtek can help support regional operations across the entire continent.
Diversification Softtek's focus on the Americas enables electronics and high technology leaders to diversify operational and geopolitical risk. By combining our capabilities with the explosive growth of high tech manufacturing across key cities in Mexico and other Latin American countries, we can help tap into new talent sources and de-risk Asia-centric sourcing models.

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