Retail Industry

It's no secret that the retail industry has faced significant obstacles and changes over the past few years. With the unrelenting race to reach new markets and implement new and innovative sales platforms, the challenge of effectively managing inventory availability and visibility, and the advent of the more educated and resourceful consumer, retail companies must now, more than ever, be responsive, agile, and preemptive of market trends.



Through a combination of industry solutions, consulting, and managed services, we provide our customers with the analytics and strategies to optimize existing operations, cut costs, simplify processes, and enable new digital revenue streams. Our Retail experts offer our clients insights and solutions focusing on key trends in the retail industry, including the shift from the omni-channel to the any-channel, the need for more stringent security platforms, and quicker response times to lightning-fast technological advances and ever-changing consumer preferences.


What is value?

For our retail clients leverage our core capabilities to generate value across a focused number of key objectives or challenges:

  • Accelerating time to market through DevOps transformation
  • Integrating acquired companies faster through our M&A acceleration services
  • Increasing agility through process simplification and reduction of technical debt
  • Lowering the costs of existing operations and funding innovation through managed services
  • Tapping into the new opportunities enabled by Internet of Things through embedded system services and software product development
  • Increasing regulation adherence and compliance through governance, risk and compliance services
  • Reducing cyber-threats and secure digital operations through specialized security services
  • Enabling new digital revenue streams through specialized implementation and development services
  • Increasing customer experience and loyalty through quality assurance and user experience services
  • Improving operations and key operational metrics through retail solutions based on SAP, Oracle and Microsoft technologies


Why Softtek

Cost-out, innovation-in ideology Through time-tested and proven methodologies, we use a process-driven approach to reduce unnecessary costs and reallocate resources to drive innovation and lead necessary changes to modernize and improve your critical operations.
Lean and agile operations In retail, you are only as good as you were yesterday.  When working with our clients, we don’t view ourselves as a preferred provider, but rather an extension of your team.  We offer an integrated service that provides quick and agile results to your business needs. 
Sophisticated integration model We have worked with leading organizations on the international integration of their merged or acquired businesses into existing business operations.  Our strategists have extensive experience in IT integration, and can provide services ranging from the financial system of your organization to supply chain management and human resources applications.  
Proximity Our Nearshore model allows us to work when you do. With similar business hours, low language barriers, and close physical location, we are available to work with you when you need us, without causing any disruptions to your current business practices.
Americas focus For over 30 years, we have focused heavily on the Americas. From Canada to Argentina, our experts are able to facilitate your transactions by offering country-level insights into the preferred business practices and cultural customs of each individual region.
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