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With unprecedented information at their fingertips, consumers can access what they want, when and how they want it. In-store purchases are researched online and shopping often starts and ends on the mobile device. Consumers expect personalized experiences, speed, and convenience every step of the way.

Technology has been moved from the background to the forefront of the end-to-end retail experience, redefining almost every aspect of the business. Retailers must develop digital business capabilities to stay competitive –but this requires more than just adapting innovative technologies.



Softtek helps retailers implement an operational core that supports and complements the constant changes of technology innovations and consumer demands, and realizes continuous digital opportunities in the retail value chain.

The value at stake in consumer industries — lead by Retail- exceed $10 trillion dollars. The deadline to capture this new value? 2025
DTI, World Economic Forum, 2016



Softtek service value

The main gap that retailers face today is the need to create seamless and innovative shopping experiences, while dealing with the coexistence of new, disruptive solutions and legacy technologies –that are costly to support, manage, integrate and automate.

Softtek helps retailers to enable their innovation agenda while also managing, integrating and evolving complex technology ecosystems.

Retail Opportunities

Customer experience systems

  • Omnichannel Integration & Optimization
  • Loyalty System Development & Integration
  • Personalization of the Shopping Experience
  • Digital Marketing Management & Automation
  • Mobile-First Digital Interaction Approach
  • In-Store Digital Engagement Tools

Stores and staff productivity

  • Digital Merchandising Platform
  • HR Training & Compliance Solutions
  • Point of Sale Integration

Creating a high performance back office

  • ERP and Supply Chain Visibility & Flexibility
  • Procurement Services & Solutions

Enabling the Innovation Agenda

  • Agile development
  • Continuous Delivery & DevOps
  • Software Product Development
  • Cloud migration and transformation
  • API management
  • Technology expertise (AI, AR/VR, Mobile, IoT)




Why Softtek

Softtek helps retailers implement an IT operating core that serves as a business enabler, and a business driver.

Proven retail capabilities Softtek serves some of the world’s largest retailers, helping them execute flawlessly, enable their transformation agenda, and create next-generation experiences in record time.
Collaborative culture New agile  approaches require tight collaboration and interaction. Softtek’s company culture is rooted on collaboration and co-creation principles. We act as an extension to our client’s teams, starting with an in depth assessment of the current operating model and tailoring our services and solutions to be aligned to the business priorities.
Geographic coverage Softtek provides comprehensive support across the Americas, from Canada and USA to Argentina and Chile, complemented with delivery from Spain, China and India for global coverage.
Agile with discipline Our process advantage lies in effectively blending strong process maturity with proven agile approaches and principles. From Lean StartUp (Softtek RunLean™) and Design Thinking to DevOps and Scalable Agile frameworks, we make work non-bureaucratic, outcome oriented and flexible.
Technology expertise Softtek Retail team engages with our technology CoE to bring innovation to everyday experiences. Our CoEs include experts and knowledge across emerging technologies including: IoT, mobile, AR/VR, beacons/sensors, Cloud, Machine Learning/AI, among others.
IT operations leadership Softtek operates and evolves complex application portfolios and service requirements for a diversity of industries, from one of the world’s best airlines to nuclear energy companies, to some of the most complex and high performing retailers.

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