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Evolving geopolitical and environmental pressures, coupled with the impact of digital technologies, are transforming every aspect of the Utilities sector. Advances in control technologies and smart devices are drastically changing the customer landscape by aligning the business to unique consumer preferences and behaviors. Simultaneously, increases in renewable energy and decreases in traditional policy and regulations are enabling grid modernization and opportunities for new business models enabled by technology.

However, as Utilities transform to meet the growing energy demand, it is important to manage rising costs with the required investment of integrating renewables, upgrading infrastructure, and modernizing the grid.



Softtek partners with Electricity, Gas and Water companies to implement an IT operational core that reduces costs, optimizes processes, increases visibility and enables constant innovation and agility to thrive in this unpredictable industry.


Softtek service value

We modernize and streamline technology and processes, providing a foundation of platform stability, intricate systems integration, and automation-enabled service management. We build an environment that enables and drives digital business strategies to transform the customer experience, increase reliability and security, optimize asset and resource management, and establish new revenue streams.

Emerging technologies, operational agility, and reinvented business models are helping our clients transform into true energy integrators, realizing endless digital opportunities across the utility value chain.


Why Softtek

Proven utilities expertise Softtek serves some of the world’s key energy and utilities companies, helping them modernize and optimize IT operations, enable the innovation agenda, and deliver value across every touchpoint.
Collaborative culture New agile approaches require tight collaboration and interaction. Softtek’s company culture is rooted on co-creation principles. We complement our client’s teams, bringing skills, processes and tools that improve alignment to business priorities.
Technology expertise Softtek ‘s Energy and Utilities team understands the industry technology platforms, and engages with our technology experts to bring innovation to everyday experiences through: IIoT, mobile, AR/VR, smart sensors, Cloud, Machine Learning/AI, among others.
IT operations leadership Softtek operates and evolves complex application portfolios and service requirements for a diversity of industries, from one of the world’s best airlines to some of the largest industrial conglomerates in the world.
Geographic coverage Softtek provides comprehensive support across the Americas, from Canada and USA to Argentina and Chile, complemented with delivery from Spain, China and India for global coverage.
Agile with discipline Our process advantage lies in effectively blending strong process maturity with proven agile approaches and principles. From Lean StartUp (Softtek RunLean™) and Design Thinking to DevOps and Scalable Agile frameworks, we make work non-bureaucratic, outcome oriented and flexible.

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