Management Team

Last update: December 2019

Management Team

Blanca Treviño
President & CEO

Blanca Treviño has been leading Softtek as President and CEO of Softtek since 2000. Under her leadership, Softtek has become the leading information technology services company in Latin America.

Throughout her 30-year career at Softtek, Blanca has gained international recognition as a promoter of the IT services industry in and from emerging countries. To help increase the participation of Latin America in the IT field, Blanca has collaborated with various government administrations in the early strategies of development.

As President, Blanca has positioned Softtek as a key component for opening the doors from Mexico to the United States as a provider of IT services. This shaped what is known today as Nearshore, Softtek’s trademarked delivery model, and a term widely used in the industry to define outsourcing services provided by countries within close proximity.

Blanca is an active board member of Walmart Mexico, Grupo Lala, became the first woman appointed to the Consejo Mexicano de Negocios, A.C. She is also a board member of associations such as MIT School of Engineering Advisory Council, The Trilateral Commission, Mexican Stock Exchange, Americas Society and Council of the Americas, Consejo Iberoamericano para la Productividad y la Competitividad (Iberoamerican Council for Productivity and Competitiveness), as well as prominent regional universities including Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM).

Blanca is a frequent presenter in international forums related to entrepreneurialism, IT and the role of women in business. She has spoken at conferences for the World Economic Forum, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Kellogg School of Management, Harvard Business School and London Business School and was named a “Rising Star” by Fortune Magazine, has appeared on the cover of Forbes Magazine, and was featured in CNN’s “Leading Women” series. Beyond the IT industry, she is identified by several media publications as one of the most influential executives in Mexico and Latin America.

Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Blanca studied Computer Science at the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM).


Agustín de la Maza
Chief Solutions Officer

Agustin de la Maza is the Chief Solutions Officer at Softtek, leading the Solutions Office with the purpose of developing innovative offers, architecting and quantifying advanced solutions, and evaluating the business impact of the solutions implementation.

During his 27-year career at Softtek, Agustin has served as Global Delivery Center Director, Chief Solutions Architect, Senior Program Manager, Software Engineering Process Group Corporate Director, Six-Sigma Project Champion and Black Belt, Senior Consultant for Software Engineering Process Definition and Implementation, and CASE Tools Development Leader. Under his leadership, Softtek successfully executed ambitious digital transformation programs for multiple clients in several industries, while implementing advanced software engineering and project management practices that have improved Softtek’s service performance in terms of quality, productivity and reliability. Some of the key innovations at Softtek’s application development practice include the adoption of the Team Software Process(SM), scaled-agile development processes, Six Sigma applied to software quality, reusable application architecture and frameworks, and automated code generation based on domain-specific languages.

Agustin is a frequent speaker at academic, government and industry forums. In 2010, he was a keynote speaker at the Software Engineering Process Group North America Congress (SEPG NA 2010). He was also invited by Watts Humphrey as reviewer of the manuscripts for the book “Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust: Building a Competitive Software Capability”, published by the SEI in 2011.

Agustin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM CEM), where he was distinguished with the “Highest Award to Academic Excellence” (summa cum laude); he also completed a Business Management Program at IPADE Business School.


Fernando Mendez
Chief Shared Services Officer

Fernando Mendez joined Softtek in 1987, and today is in charge of Shared Services, responsible for supplying the necessary resources for the company’s operations at the global level. As CSSO and Partner, Fernando leads cross-functional teams and strategic decision making to ensure key performance indicators are met across the enterprise. His teams are responsible for HR Administration, Facilities Management and IT infrastructure.

Throughout his 30-year career with Softtek, Fernando has held various leadership positions, spanning from sales, operations, and administration in different industries, markets, and technologies. One of Fernando’s core attributes is his firm belief in the entrepreneurial spirit that has been fundamental to Softtek’s philosophy and growth. He strongly supports the innovation, passion, collaboration, continuous improvement, leadership, and energy that plays an important role in characterizing Softtek’s culture. In 2014 Fernando spearheaded what today is Softtek’s RunLean initiative, a corporate training and model designed to engage team members to be more agile, embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, and to create value on a daily basis for clients and within their teams.

He holds an Electronic Systems Engineering degree from Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, a Top Management Program (AD2) from IPADE, and a Master’s Degree in Education from IEEE.


Luis Revilla
Chief People Officer

Luis Revilla is Chief People Officer and President of the Ethics Committee at Softtek. Since joining the company in 2000, he has demonstrated great empathy with the culture and people that make up the organization. During his management he has shaped a solid group at the global level through which he has not only preserved the company’s essence but has also initiated a process of evolution that seeks to reaffirm one of the most important elements and greatest differentiators of Softtek: its culture.

Similarly, Luis helped shape and consolidate the Corporate Social Responsibility area at Softtek. This area includes a solid Wellness program, which incorporates not only physical, and nutritional, but also psychosocial health with social programs such as Codellege, focused on developing programming skills for young people, or the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Luis is a certified instructor of programs such as The Human Element and Radical Collaboration and is a certified coach for Model Q and Five Rings. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and obtained a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.


Doris Seedorf
Chief Corporate Development Officer

As Chief Corporate Development Officer, Doris faces the challenge of consolidating current operations and opening new opportunities for growth to within the continent.

During her more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, she has contributed to the creation of offerings and services that today form part of the organization’s great achievements.

Doris started her career in Softtek 30 years ago, and has served in different roles including Project Leader, Director of Business Units, Sales Director for the Mexican market, and Business Partner.

Her visionary capacity and her commitment to set objectives that are increasingly ambitious, have transformed her into a great leader and have helped extend her influential mark not only in Spain—where she is based—but to many other regions where Softtek operates. Doris holds a degree in Cybernetics Engineering and Computer Sciences from Universidad la Salle, in Mexico City.


Alejandro Camino
Chief Marketing Officer

Alex Camino has led the global marketing and communications efforts for Softtek since 2006, and today serves as the company’s CMO. In this role, Alex oversees the global management of digital marketing, media and analyst relations, employee communications and demand and lead generation to build the Softtek brand.

Under Alex’s leadership, his team has contributed to making Softtek one of Latin America’s most successful IT brands, bringing the nearshore industry to global prominence in the process. Among its recognitions from industry analysts, the company has been included in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for SAP Application Management Services, Worldwide (2013, 2014, 2015) and was the only non-Indian vendor included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Offshore Application Services in 2006 & 2007.

Alex joined Softtek in 1995, holding sales and consultancy roles prior to his move into marketing, including Director for the e-Business unit and later as Corporate Director of Technology.

He was responsible for organizing Softtek’s first-ever Nearshore Summit during his first year as head of Marketing, which has since evolved to become the company’s most important annual client event, attracting customers and business partners from the Americas and Europe.

Alex is a frequent speaker at global and regional events promoting nearshore and business technology. He has authored several publications around the topics of outsourcing, customer experience in the digital era, total cost of engagement and enterprise agility, which have contributed to positioning nearshore and Latin America as a viable hub for Information Technology. He is a former member of the advisory boards at Sourcing Industry Group and the LatAm Alliance and currently serves on the Softtek Executive Committee.


Roberto Montelongo
Chief Operating Officer

Roberto Montelongo currently serves as Chief Operating Officer at Softtek. His experience as Operations Director for Nearshore led him to take this role to the global level in 2008. Since then, he has been responsible for the operation of various service delivery units, management of the company’s capacities, compliance of service level agreements (SLAs), and for diverse quality certifications.

In September 1988, two years after integrating in the organization as an analyst and programmer, Montelongo took on the challenge of managing what was the largest project in Softtek. It was in 1997, after running the most ambitious of retirement fund projects that had been carried out, when he became vice president of Softtek, in charge of the U.S. operations.

Before joining the company, Roberto was a leader of capacity planning in Bancomer—one of the largest banks in Mexico—from 1983 to 1986.

Montelongo is the President of the Software Council of Nuevo León (Csoftmty). He holds a B.A. in Electronic Systems Engineering from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM).


Carlos Funes
Managing Director, BFS & Mexico Market

With his incorporation to Softtek in 1988, Carlos Funes started a career characterized by business-focused achievements. Among his various roles, he served as VP of Global Accounts in 2005, and in 2009—thanks to his enterprising vision—he took on the position of VP of Business Development for Mexico and Central America.

Among his greatest contributions to Softtek are accomplishments such as broadening the organization’s presence by entering new markets, bringing local clients to more than ten countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia; the creation and platform for the development of global clients, aimed at unifying the client experience in the different markets; development and evolution of practices and methods for implementing solutions throughout business alliances, to name a few.

In 2011 Carlos accepted a new challenge as CEO for the Mexican Market, committed to increasing the competitiveness and bringing clients the value of Softtek as a global company.

Funes graduated as a Systems Engineer from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Mexico Campus, and holds a Master’s in Business Economics from the same institution.

Carlos describes himself as a visionary, ambitious, decisive, proactive and practical. He is very passionate about business development


David Jiménez
Managing Director, CPG

David started at Softtek in 2012, leading the M&A area and reporting directly to the CFO. In this position, he led more than 20 acquisitions and was also responsible for monitoring the financial and operational aspects of many of the company’s strategic investments.

In 2014, he became VP of Business Development. In this role, he led the development of 15 of the most important accounts in the Mexican market. During the following 4 years, under his leadership, Softtek positioned itself as one of the leading IT companies in the consumer industry in Mexico. As a result of this effort, Softtek works with 8 of the 10 largest companies in the consumer industry in Mexico, developing and implementing projects ranging from infrastructure and application operation to ambitious digital transformation projects.

Currently, he holds the position of Managing Director for the CPG industry. As global leader, David is responsible for the design of solutions and services, and the delivery of Softtek projects to all clients in this industry. His team develops the digital capabilities necessary to efficiently manage complex supply chains and strengthen personalized connections with increasingly demanding customers.

David earned his degree in Business Administration from Chapman University in California.


Heriberto Murillo
Chief Financial Officer

With more than 20 years of experience managing domestic and international business transactions, Heriberto is today Softtek’s Chief Financial Officer. He joined Softtek in 2007 and served as Managing Director of Strategic Planning and Finance—a role that required management of budgeting processes and geographical performance for Softtek’s operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Prior to Softtek, Heriberto worked at Hema Group, an investment banking boutique that he co-founded in Monterrey, Mexico. He also served as manager of business development, origination and Structuring at Enron and launched his professional career at Bancomer—Mexico’s largest consumer and commercial financial group.

Heriberto earned his Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan Business School and his Master in Management from the Institute of Technology and Superior Studies in Monterrey, Mexico. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting.


Beni Lopez
Managing Director, Industrial & US Market

Beni Lopez joined Softtek in 1989 and today holds a dual role has Managing Director for Softtek’s Industrial vertical, as well as the company’s US market. Beni and his team are strengthening the company's capabilities to help clients across the globe in the Industrial sector apply technology to their value chains to evolve their business. Prior to Softtek’s vertical restructuring, Beni held the role of Chief Globalization Officer, where he directed and coordinated the firm’s global accounts strategy.

Beni joined Softtek in 1989 and has played a central role in defining and executing Softtek’s technology developments, in addition to the company’s globalization and growth strategies. He is experienced in leading innovative new offerings, directing Softtek’s globalization efforts and establishing long lasting partnerships with Softtek’s largest clients. Furthermore, Beni mentored the concept of Neashore™ services, pioneered by Softtek in 1997, expanding Softtek’s frontiers first to the US market and later to other global locations, including China.

Beni holds a Computer Systems Engineering degree from Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores in Monterrey, Mexico, and has been a speaker and panelist for numerous outsourcing and offshore/nearshore conferences around the world.


Carlos Mendez
Managing Director High Tech, Telcom & Media

Carlos Mendez is Industry Managing Director at Softtek, leading the High-Tech vertical comprising Communications, Media & Entertainment and Technology. He started his career in Softtek in 1992 and has held multiple leadership positions with a strong track record of business development through growing existing customers and cultivating new client relationships.

Over the course of his more than 20 years at Softtek, Carlos has led IT strategies and business development in global High-Tech companies, expanding operations into new markets like Argentina, Brazil, Romania, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and the U.S.

Building high-performance teams with diverse skills and promoting strong collaboration among different areas are key contributions in Carlos’s tenure, resulting in revenue generation.

Carlos graduated in Computer Science from Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in Mexico and holds an MBA from Hult International Business School in Boston. He also has completed post-graduate programs including Global Strategic Management at Harvard Business School, Finance and Strategy at Wharton School and Exponential Innovation Programs at Silicon Valley at Singularity University.


Miguel Saldivar
Managing Director, Retail

More than 25 years ago, Miguel Saldivar began his career in IT when he decided to study Computer Science at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico. His success story began in 1991 in his home country, at Softtek’s Monterrey office. He began as a programmer and later became a business consultant and project manager. Four years later, he had his first entrepreneurial experience with the opening of a Softtek branch in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he held the position of Business Unit Director. Since then, Saldivar has grown with the company, seized opportunities and worked in various areas and key markets for Softtek, including Mexico, Brazil and the U.S.

The entrepreneurial spirit and ambition to grow and lead change, streamline processes and build teams, led Miguel to Brazil in 1996—two years after the start of the company’s operations in the country. He went to start SAP operations, which today makes up Softtek’s largest service area, and later led five business units, including the sale and delivery of services and projects. Overcoming the challenges posed by the position, two years later he was able to celebrate the first local results and assumed the role of Director of Sales, where he stayed for the six years that followed.

In 2004, Miguel returned to his origins, in Mexico City, with the responsibility of promoting growth for SAP strategies and restructuring the business practice for the Softtek’s Mexican operation. In 2005, he returned to Brazil, where for a year he served as Executive Director of Applications Outsourcing. With fifteen years at Softtek and great worldly experiences, Miguel reached the position of vice president and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he was responsible for establishing the company’s global SAP practice.

Saldivar returned to Brazil in 2008 and has since worked for the business development of the local market led the operations at the national level as country manager for several years. Currently Miguel is in charge of the Retail industry at Softtek as Managing Director.


Eduardo Guerrero
Chief Sales Officer / Managing Director, Government Sector

During his tenure of over two decades in Softtek, Eduardo Guerrero has held various management positions. In his current role, Mr. Guerrero heads the global sales organization, in charge of the integration of the commercial and business development processes across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Having led the Financial Services and Government business units at Softtek, Eduardo possesses vast experience in two of the largest and most demanding IT services segments. This background has allowed him to manage multi-million-dollar accounts and complex engagements. He has led the sales and client relationship management teams for many of Softtek’s largest and more ambitious projects.

Prior to his current role, Eduardo served as VP of Sales and Business Development for Softtek Mexico, a position in which he led the organization’s efforts to consolidate as one of the country’s premier solution provider. He also has been a participant in Softtek’s management council since the year 2000, helping draft the organization’s strategic and operational directions.

Mr. Guerrero holds an MBA and a Computer Systems Engineering degree, both from Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Estado de Mexico.


Juan José D’Alessandro
Healthcare & Insurance Managing Director

With more than 20 years of experience in IT services, Juan José has a successful track record in developing long-term relationships with regional and global clients. He joined Softtek in 2004 to lead in technical, operational and solution design areas, where he worked for years before assuming the role of Sales VP, leading the global relationship with Fortune 500 companies. In 2017, he took the role of Commercial Director for the Hispanic South America region, during which a 30% growth in USD per year was generated through improving and consolidating the company's global processes in this region. The headquarters in Peru, which is part of the Hispanic South America operation, has also successfully reopened under his direction.

Since 2019, he has served as global Managing Director for the Healthcare & Insurance industries.

Together with his team, he helps companies in the sector to maximize their IT portfolio and apply business innovation.

His Global business experience and strong technical background have enabled him to develop extensive knowledge in the insurance and health services industries.

He earned a degree in Information Systems Engineering from the National Technological University (UTN) in Argentina.


Ricardo Gonzalez
Managing Director, Hospitality

With more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry and business development, Ricardo leads Softtek's Hospitality Vertical. He is a preferred industry consultant with particular expertise in global sourcing strategies, digital transformation, innovative service delivery operating models and digital governance. Ricardo has been directly involved with some of the largest and most complex agreements on behalf Softtek’s customers.

Previously, Ricardo had been instrumental to Softtek’s Nearshore strategy development, where he has more than 20 years of experience. He was part of the initial team that conceived the Nearshore concept and managed Fortune 50 accounts, including General Electric. He led the acquisition and integration of GE’s captive centers in Mexico and served as advisor to the Mexican government to develop its domestic IT strategy.

Additionally, Ricardo demonstrates a thorough understanding of what is needed to launch new offerings to the US market, such as business process outsourcing and mobile applications.

He holds a Management Information Systems degree from Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores in Monterrey (Mexico), a Certificate of Strategic Planning from ITAM (Mexico) and a Certificate of Financial Analysis from NYU.


Melik Hernandez
Managing Director, Transportation & Logistics

With more than 25 years of professional experience in the IT industry, today Melik leads the Transportation & Logistics vertical at Softtek globally.

With a background in engineering, he started his career in Softtek in Mexico City, delivering solutions as a developer. After four years he relocated to the US and has become a successful executive in business development, with a focus on the Telecom, OEM, Software and Entertainment & Media and Transportation industries. Melik possesses an entrepreneurial, process-oriented mindset that has allowed him to capture new business and develop new markets in the US, Latin America and Europe—helping to position Softtek as an industry leader in the outsourcing arena.

Melik currently resides in Dallas with his wife and three daughters.


Mauro Mattioda
Managing Director, Utilities, Agroindustry & South America Market

Mauro Mattioda leads Softtek Hispanic South America, in charge of operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, In 2019 he also took on the role as Managing Director for the Utilities and Agroindustry vertical globally across Softtek. He is characterized by being a diligent worker, always showing enthusiasm and self-determination. Passionate about the opportunities that are presented before him, Mauro commented, “I can’t allow an opportunity to pass me by. Today I try to be more mature, controlling that passion that has helped me to open many doors.”

Since his incorporation in 1997, he has always sought support of the office in Argentina and to transform it into a long-term project, with a strong local positioning and an incredible group of people. Regarding the decisive moments where Softtek had to design the future of the branch in Argentina, Mauro commented, “The crisis of 2001 converted that situation into a great opportunity, where competitors were displaced, and we became stronger. This is considered one of our biggest, most transcendent of achievements.”