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“We want to be one of the best companies FOR the word.”

Being a socially responsible company goes beyond the everyday effort Softtek undertakes to be one of the best companies in the world, for since our foundation we have always seen ourselves as an organization born to outstand, not survive. Being in the IT industry means to us an opportunity to impact our surroundings positively; it is an ongoing compromise to add value through the use of technology, and we will only see that by being one of the best companies for the world.

This for us means, when talking about sustainability, to think not only in the actions that allow us to be a profitable business and a creator of more than 12 thousand direct jobs around the world. It means than now, more than ever, we have the task of planning our future based on our capabilities and having as a priority to generate a chain value that pushes and multiplies what it means for each one of our staff to transcend.

Being one of the best companies FOR the world compromises us to continue being an integral company that sees in trust and respect the foundation of all of our relations, be them personal or commercial. That acknowledges the diversity of all kinds of talent, and at the same time the diversity of our surroundings and clients, finding in collaboration the path to fulfill our purpose. That is aware that it contributes so that the world keeps operating through the excellence of its services. That it has within its reach the possibility of transforming the lives of people and whole communities through our social programs.

And most important, we are willing to do it.

Fernando Nava | Corporate Citizenship Manager

Softtek Profile

We specialize in systems integration for the digital era.

Our people are the most important asset, we live in a culture of entrepreneurship, trust and collaboration.

Our Purpose:

To create value through technology for our clients, professionals and the communities we operate in.

To help companies close the digital gap.

Founded in 1982
35-year experience
Headquarter in:
Monterrey, México
Presence in 20 + countries and 30 + offices around the world
Providing service for 71 Global FORTUNE 500 companies
15 global delivery centers
+12,000 associates

Global Presence

North America & Central America
South America


Interest groups
Our clients

2017 was the year in which we deployed/unfolded all of our Ethic Code related strategy and content.

In the beginning we implemented the first Global Week of Integrity, in which we carried out diverse activities related to showcasing the importance of ethics in the business area. Within the span of that week we presented our Global Ethics Committee through a broadcasting format, we promoted the download and knowledge of our Code of Ethics, and we launched our public website With this initiative we accomplished a participation larger than one thousand collaborators worldwide.

After the Global Week of Integrity, we displayed our course of ethics through our online learning platform and through our annual security training called “Security Awareness”. At the end of 2017, 51% of all of our global associates completed the course successfully.

During this process, there was also a training course in matters related to investigation and complaint handling to 9 Ethic Committees of each one of our regions.

Our “Line of Integrity” was released, a mechanism used to register any Code of Ethics penalty. By the end of 2017, 20 complaints were filed, of which 55% were anonymous.

Global Ethic Committee:
Luis Revilla
Beatriz Vallejo
Fernando Méndez
Agustín De La Maza
Mauro Mattioda

Our Sustainability Materiality study allows us to identify the topics with the most importance to Softtek and our interest groups; it allows us to also define the risks, opportunities and development areas, as establishing goals and check on progress.

Materials topics:



Internal Social

External Social

Establishing a commitment with our interest groups requires an understanding and effort to involve them in Softtek’s decisions.

This way, the commitment to our interest groups can be described as several actions developed by the company to recognize their right to be listened.

Our interest groups:
NGOs and communities

Through the years, we’ve identified five elements that make us unique and allow Softtek to keep its client’s promises:

-Our culture
-Our talent and abilities
-Our value-added model
-A service based on analysis and datas
-Pragmatic focus towards automation


  • Create value through technology for our clients, our people and shareholders.


  • Given the right environment, talented and self-determined people create amazing things.

  • Collaboration is the only way to fulfill our purpose.

  • By being agile and mastering technology we stay one step ahead.

  • We build trust by relentlessly doing as we say.


  • A hard-to-explain passion for reaching new frontiers, to aim higher, to leave a mark; to transcend.


Engagement Index

If we speak about Softtek, it’s impossible to not mention our Softtekians, for they are who, in these 35 years, have thrived through different times the way in which we create and work things. Therefore, they have turned into our necessary inspirations to keep evolving the way in which we live our culture; from formal theory to our daily life basis.

But, what is it that makes us Freaking Awesome? How does that distinguish us from the rest? It’s the actions, attitudes, daily behaviors that keep generating a virtuous, inspirational, internal and professional growth circles. Those which transform any talented and proactive people into a Freaking Awesome Softtekian.



Our Engagement Index’s evaluation allows us to reaffirm the things we do well, as to discover our OPPORTUNITY AREAS, taking the necessary challenges to continue evolving as an organization.

At Softtek we are convinced that supporting new talent development is a worthwhile endeavor and is key to reaching the goals of our organization. Our academies program is focused on developing abilities and knowledge for new graduates, on the most sought after platforms and technologies by our clients. It allows young people to gain experience and to complement their academic endeavors with training based on real projects.

The Softtek academies have been in force since 1999 and are still in place today. Hundreds of new graduates have found new opportunities to acquire knowledge thanks to the program, opening doors to the development of successful professional careers within our organization.

Training programs
People trained:

Since the beginning of our company we have considered development and talent attraction as the key element in our business model. Our “Momentum” program allows our talent to work in real projects during an early stage of the professional growth. Every year thousands of students in different stages of their educations, as recent graduates, gain experience while specializing in important technological related trainings by Softtek; they also learn software engineering techniques and quality initiatives like Six-Sigma

265 Momentums

Quality of Life



Proyecto pro-bono

Fundación Solidaria


At Softtek, we strive to achieve a better environment for the present and the future. We do this by continuously applying the most environmentally friendly technologies, by providing environmentally conscious products and services and recycling whenever possible, all in accordance with the highest standards.

We do everything possible to avoid damage, in any shape or form. We apply local, regional and global regulations on the environment, health and safety.

We encourage in our collaborators an environmental education, in the same way we try making sure they understand the importance to include environmental considerations in their day to day activities in the workplace, such as:

  • Involving our associates through regular memos and internal communications to increase their comprehension regarding environmental matters.

  • Facilitating access to education, tools and templates should the case be, for the measurement and management of the environmental impact.

  • Developing products and offers that help collaborators make environmental decisions outside the office.

  • Create and manage work spaces that reflect our commitment of caring for our natural resources, particularly, with eco-efficiency.


2017 was a positive year in economic terms, there was an increase of global economic activity and the gross domestic product continued to grow in most of the world.

According to the World Bank, human talent, experience, abilities and population effort, are now the main drive for world enrichment; thus, investment in education and development of skills due to the rapid technological advance, becomes key to compete in the economy of the future. Innovation and technology have taken the main seat in improvement of quality of life.

2017 was again a very dynamic year for our industry, technologies of information, with the evolution of new services helping to improve the competitive position of the companies, specifically in their process of digital transformation. During the year, the focus to continue improvement of our service levels to respond more rapidly to market demands was maintained through the evolution of our services portfolio, with a strong accent in the A.I. incorporation and the internet of things.


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