Sustainability report

Our sustainability vision was reflected in excellent business results and a high impact on our community. We reaffirmed our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and its 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

About Softtek

General contents

We are a system integrator for the digital age.

We focus on the human element, with a unique culture that promotes agility, cooperation, entrepreneurship and trust.

Our Purporse:

Create value through technology for our clients, our people and our shareholders.

We help organizations close the digital GAP.

2018 Awards and recognitions

As a sign of our deep commitment to creating value through technology, and as a testament to our people-centered culture, in 2018 we earned a series of recognitions and distinctions which position us as leaders in the information technology industry and one of the best places to work.

  • Partner of the Year from Microsoft in Argentina, citing our excellence in innovation and deployment of solutions for customers based on MS technology
  • Blanca Treviño, Chairman of the Board and CEO, named Executive of the Year 2018 by the Mexican Employers’ Confederation (COPARMEX)
  • Positioned in the Super Companies for Women Ranking 2018 by Expansión magazine
  • Positioned in the Inclusive Business Ranking 2018 by Expansión magazine
  • Positioned in the Super Companies “Where Everyone Wants to Work” Ranking 2018 by Expansión magazine
  • Among the 10 companies with the most satisfied employees in the Love Mondays ranking in Mexico and Argentina

Conversation with our CEO

Our Chairman and CEO, Blanca Treviño, gives us an overview of Softtek’s achievements and challenges in 2018. She also shares her vision about what makes Softtek different, and the strategies used to transform IT services.

Global presence

North and Central America
South America


From our beginnings, we have worked to create an outstanding identity with a people-centered culture, characterized by values and actions, to generate a positive impact on associates, customers, communities and the planet.

We are Softtek

A Customer commitment

Operational Base
Success Stories

ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Information Security Management Systems

México 100% Legal (original software, respect for the law)

ISO/IEC 20000-1: 2011
IT Service Quality

ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management Systems

Over the years, we have identified five elements that make us unique and allow Softtek to fulfill the promises to our customers:

-Our Unique Culture
-Our Talent AND SKILLS
-Our value generation model
-Service based on analytics and data
-Pragmatic approach to automation

  • Improved customer experience for a global restaurant chain.
  • Transformed technological management for a fast-growing restaurant group.
  • Created digital service products for the financial industry.
  • Improved tax collection efficiency through Big Data and Analytics.
  • Improved operating efficiency of nationwide health services.
  • Managed technology for a leading airline.
  • Game-changing transformation for specialty retailers from reactive to proactive.

Transformation of the digital platforms we offer our customers, so through the Softtek Open Lab initiative, in 2018 we launched what we call the Framework for Intelligent Digital Automation (FRIDA) and Digital Enablers for Growth (DIEGO).


Workforce and

Working environment
Quality of Life

At Softtek we know that talent is diverse. We respect the identity and living conditions of every person. We promote equal treatment and opportunities.

Traits of a Softtekian:

  • #BePolite→ Make “hi,” “please,” “thank you” and “bye” part of your daily vocabulary.
  • #BePassionate→ Stay passionate and proud of what you do.
  • #BeBold→ Think outside of the box; challenge limits.
  • #BeOutstanding→ Make a habit of excellence.
  • #BeExemplary→ Be a model for others to follow.
  • #BeProactive→ Anticipate the needs of your customers.
  • #BeUnforgettable→ Leave a mark; transcend.
  • #BeKind→ Be willing to help others.
  • #BeUpright→ Do the right thing, with honesty, integrity and respect.

It is very important for Softtek to learn about our people’s perceptions of their relationship to the organization, the environment they work in and their individual interests. We conduct a workplace environment survey which encompasses more Softtekians each year.

The development of our Softtekians is crucial to the success of the organization, so we're always looking to improve and enhance training opportunities.

Softtekian Empowerment Skills
In 2018, we evolved the PowerSkills training program to the Softtekian Empowerment Skills (SES) program, aimed at helping leaders maximize their strengths and fortify their skills. The model is based on the eight leadership skills that Softtekians must learn and put into practice to increase their productivity, and thus the profitability of the business.

We have prepared a Quality of Life Model for our employees because we are convinced that achieving a balance between work and personal life is ideal for human development. The model is intended to help our people achieve their fullest potential.


Fundación Solidaria
Pro Bono Projects

Our goal is to positively impact communities in all regions where we are present. To do this, we carry out activities that improve quality of life and opportunities. That’s why, we carry out activities on behalf of the localities with the intention of contributing to improve their quality of life and opportunities.

This is an educational program focused on bringing technologically talented youth into the workforce, particularly those who have had limited access to education and job opportunities because of external situations. For five months, young people receive training in web programming and human development so they can get a job and improve their lives.

This year we succeeded in having 50% of the program’s graduates obtain jobs in fields including but not limited to information technology, consumer, government, electronics and logistics. This resulted in an average increase of 47% in their household income.

We want to make technology accessible to all, which is why we support nonprofit organizations in automating their internal procedures to increase and improve their impact on the communities where we operate. We have given ourselves the task of creating solutions for our beneficiaries that make their institutional processes more efficient and allow them to focus more on helping communities.

"We Help to Help Better" - Register your association here

Green Softtek

Environmental Standards

Environmental Standards

Softtek is committed to environmental protection, which is why we create and promote innovative technological solutions and programs that meet environmental requirements wherever they are developed.

Our environmental policy underscores our responsibility toward the environment and stewardship of natural resources. Its purpose is to encourage a culture among our associates that brings about a new awareness and a change in responsible consumption habits toward water, energy, waste management and disposal of computer equipment, phones and cables.

We are committed to operating in an efficient, innovative and sustainable manner in order to benefit the environment. Therefore, we have internal initiatives to raise awareness among our associates about energy consumption, so we can reduce our use of fuel and thus our CO2 emissions.

Want to know some of our initiatives in place to reduce energy consumption go and click here.

Our activities do not generate significant direct emissions of greenhouse gases, although employee travel does contribute, so we encourage the application and use of global tools to help reduce our environmental footprint and promote the use of communication technologies that cut down on travel. Our goal is to control and manage this mobility and offset the collateral damage caused by fuel use.

See initiatives

We have a computer recycling and donation initiative to best dispose of equipment that is still in good condition or that has useful components for reformatting or reuse, thus extending their useful life.

Softtek Code

Corporate Governance

Board of Directors
Code of Ethics

Meet the Board of Executives of Softtek, who are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance.

Our governance system is key to the organization. The highest body of corporate governance is our Board of Directors, made up of leaders and experts in the Information Technology Industry.

The Board of Directors relies on the exercise of its functions in various committees that aim to monitor the relevant issues of the business. The Company's Operating Committees are as follows:

Investment and Risk Committee
Responsible for implementing, evaluating and authorizing risk policies.

Information Security Committee
Responsible for authorizing policies and initiatives proposed by the Information Security Office and ensuring they are aligned with the values of Softtek, its clients and market requirements.

Executive Committee
Made up of the CEOs of each of our markets.

Audit Committee
Evaluates the internal control and audit system in order to inform the Board of Directors about its status.

Ethics Committee
Responsible for ensuring compliance with our ethical standards.

At Softtek, we are convinced that integrity, honesty and respect are not only desired values, but an obligation and a necessity if we want to transcend and make our mark on the business world. As part of our commitment to integrating ethics into our DNA, we have a Code of Ethics. It underpins our commitment to forming and fostering a culture of respect, transparency and honesty.

Integrity Line
Mechanism to register any possible failure to the Code of Ethics. We encourage the entire Softtek community, including our suppliers, customers and other company-related partners, to inform their leaders or to file a complaint on this line if they become aware of any conduct that might not adhere to our Code or our guidelines.


Reporting Tools

About this Report

This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Essential Option; shows the results achieved in the period from 1 January to 31 December 2018.

This report also represents the Communication on Progress (CoP) that we presented to the Global Compact of the United Nations, an initiative of which we are members. We include efforts to contribute to the 2030 Development Agenda established by the UN, through five prioritized Sustainable Development Goals


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