CPG firms must balance worldwide oversight of operations with a local focus on consumer behaviors and preferences

Despite global consumption trends, CPG organizations must develop the digital capabilities needed to manage complex global value chains and at the same time engage individual consumers focused on local insights.

Passion to create value through technology. Learn how we have helped CPG organizations in their digital transformation

Whether its Food & Beverage, Pharma & Beauty, Fast Moving Goods, Home and Consumer Electronics, or, Apparel & Sports, Softtek merge creativity, technology, and business vision for hundreds of CPG clients around the world.

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We have developed a customized offer for the main industry sectors, according to our deep understanding of their value streams and supply chains

Integrate with retail strategy
Leveraging data at the point of sale
Enhance time-to-market capabilities
Optimize supply chain from manufacturing, logistics, and inventory management
Transform into actions the massive volumes of data and sources ranging from operational platforms to social media insights
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Agenda for CPG


CPG executives are faced with a short- and long-term agenda and must make swift judgements to address the following focus areas:


Maximizing the existing technology to support business and rationalizing IT spend, reducing disruptions.


Orchestrating the response for business continuity and keep consumers engaged.


Empowering the new remote workforce and re-shape working habits.


Promoting collaboration throughout the value chain to provide better understating of buying behavior that results in efficient demand generation and fulfillment.


Enable “safe” solutions to ensure innocuous processes along the value chain.


Getting ready to lead as a new normal arrives.


Our services and solutions

To tackle the six challenges, Softtek has created a series of flexible solutions that can be implemented and deployed rapidly:

IT Strategy


IT Strategy

  • ERP Services
  • IT Process Implementation
  • Digitized IT Governance
  • Telco & Cloud Services
  • Low Touch Economy

Operational Intelligence


Operational Intelligence

  • Advanced IT Operations
  • Modern Application Development (µSvc, API, Mobile/Responsive, WCM, Cognitive APIs)
  • Application QA, Testing and Validation
  • Agile Development

Supply Chain Ecosystem


Supply Chain Ecosystem

  • Logistics Operational Intelligence (WMS & TMS)
  • Smart Manufacturing IoT
  • Plant Resource Optimization IoT
  • BPO Smart Procurement
  • Sales and Operations Planning (SAP & Blue Yonder)

Customer Experience


Customer Experience

  • Unified Commerce Solution
  • Digital Sales Services
  • Digital MKT
  • Customer Experience Design & Engineering

Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence

  • Short-term Demand Forecasting Tuning
  • Intelligent Automation of Business Processes (RPA)
  • Business Process Digitization (BPM/BPA)
  • E2E Advanced Analytics

Customer Revenue Optimization (RGM)

Click2Sync Omnichannel


Click2Sync Omnichannel

Click2Sync is a multichannel e-commerce integration platform that rapidly and reliably connects storefronts, marketplaces, ERPs, and more. Consolidate your information and keep it synchronized across channels and platforms.

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How we are helping clients in the CPG sector

Case Study | Consumer Packaged Goods | DevOps | Agile Software Development
Product-centric development center enables direct-to-consumer and revenue management strategies
Hospitality | Consumer Packaged Goods | Agile Software Development
One of the Largest Cinema chains in the world

Softtek helps standardize digital services and operations to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Consumer Packaged Goods | Intelligent Operations | IT Infrastructure Services
World’s largest brewer company

Softtek partners with the world’s largest brewing company to ensure business continuity of their core operations through the Intelligent IT Infrastructure Operations Service and improve both performance and availability of business-critical services.

Consumer Packaged Goods | IT Infrastructure Services
Profitability growth enablement through Outsourcing IT Services

One of the Largest non-alcoholic worldwide bottlers with an agressive corporate goal to duplicate profitability every 5 years, needed to ensure alignment with industry best practices for Infrastructure Services to support global expansion of operations.

Consumer Packaged Goods | Application Services
Global food company dedicated to bringing local favorite foods to communities everywhere

Softtek partners with a Global Food Company to optimize core business processes, enhance and support hundreds of applications and develop end user functionality.

Hospitality | Consumer Packaged Goods | Cloud Services | Application Services
Global cinema chain partners with Softtek to boost profitable growth through digital transformation


Strategic partnership to enable growth through enhanced digital ecosystems.

Consumer Packaged Goods | Data and AI | Agile Software Development
One of the world’s largest fashion retailers

Supported by consumer insights, Softtek implemented customized solutions to improve depot logistics, operations and customer experience.

Consumer Packaged Goods | SAP | Application Management
Implementing a worldwide technological platform to enable modern digital operations through SAP

Softtek partners with a Global Food Company to accelerate digital transformation of core business through SAP Platform, the biggest SAP project in Mexico.

Case Study | Consumer Packaged Goods | Healthcare | Pharma
Headless eCommerce and CMS help nutrition leader create unique UX in different countries