The dynamics and and constraints of industries that are highly regulated create the need for a technology platform that enables integrated information management. Softtek’s solutions for the Automotive industry incorporate industry best practices and facilitate regulatory compliance and delivery models for organizations that produce and supply auto parts.


Softtek service value

Softtek’s solutions for the Automotive industry combines the power of SAP® Business All-in-One with rapid implementation and specific functionality for automotive organizations (OEM and After market). We help design processes related to engineering, planning, manufacturing and financial management while facilitating collaboration with clients and providers.


  • Quick and secure implementation, easily customizable for the unique needs of each customer.
  • Full range of critical industry processes:
    • Commercial
    • Operations and capacity planning
    • MRP
    • Engineering
    • Standard cost
    • Quality
  • Reduced number of line stops in client manufacturing plants and increase in productivity
  • Mirror model (Plant-SAP) for materials flow and operations.


Why Softtek


Industry knowledge Extensive experience in delivering projects within the automotive sector, with over 80 industry clients from around the world, allowing us to streamline and ensure quality in the delivery of solutions. 
Flexible delivery model Softtek’s wide range of delivery capabilities, coupled with a strong network of partnerships with Cloud providers, allows us to deliver these services on-premise and on-demand, to meet the specific needs of the client. 
SAP certified solutions Softtek’s industry solutions are certified by SAP as Rapid Deployment Solutions, which ensures compliance with the highest control standards and adherence to global industry regulations.


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