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Metaverse Impact: Economic, Consumer, Social

Explore the Metaverse: Understanding its economic, consumer, and social impact.

5 april, 2022. – The concept of Metaverse has evolved to become the next step in the transformation of the Internet, where a projection of a parallel universe to real life emerges through a combination of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Softtek, a company that provides next-generation digital transformation services and solutions globally, analyses the keys to understanding the impact that its arrival could generate in terms of the economy, consumption and society.

The tireless search for disruptions around digitalisation and virtualisation and the advances experienced by digital connectivity and the development of Extended Reality have given rise to the creation of the Metaverse, a projection of a parallel, open, creative, unlimited and persistent universe, made up of virtual worlds, replicas of existing physical spaces and hybrid environments. Its main characteristics are:

The infinite possibilities offered by the Metaverse make it the ideal ecosystem for exponentially boosting processes of experimentation, innovation and co-creation, which will translate, on the one hand, in the redefining the value propositions of multiple organisations and in the creation of new business models based on hybrid and highly personalised interactions, and, on the other hand, on a new range of experiences for consumers globally, who will see how, in a simple way, they can establish deep, two-way connections with all the actors involved.

All these potential benefits have not gone unnoticed by leading innovation companies, which are already driving initiatives within existing platforms or creating new virtual worlds of their own. The opportunity to generate new revenue streams, diversify their business models, optimise certain corporate processes and evolve the way in which they interact with their customers is unbeatable, which is why corporations from various sectors (Gaming, Media, Telco, Social, Ecommerce, Digital Property, Cryptocurrencies, etc. ), are already forming a productive fabric that will expand exponentially, with the potential to become a fully integrated universe in the lives of consumers, as they integrate the Metaverse into their daily routines, integrating interactive, immersive and sensory experiences into their Journeys.

“Digitalization and virtualization have generated many business disruptions in recent years. This constant evolution seems to have reached a significant turning point thanks to the Metaverse; an ecosystem that will drive exponential innovation and co-creation processes, generating new products, services and business models, and above all, will provide companies with the opportunity to design hybrid and radically different experiential interactions.”, says Daniel Palacios, Head of Digital Innovation Softtek EMEA.

The Metaverse is at an early stage of development and its regulation still has many aspects to be defined. However, the lack of clear regulation is not holding back its evolution, and the next question will be whether there will be a single Metaverse or a set of Metaverses.

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464