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New Report Outlines How Businesses Can Benefit from the Internet of Things

Softtek Defines Three Keys to Driving Results in latest white paper

DALLAS, TX – November 27, 2017 – Softtek, the leading global IT services provider dedicated to creating value through technology, today announced the publication of "Three Ways to Make the Internet of Things Real" a new white paper on how businesses can achieve benefits from the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things is transforming a wide range of industries and bringing increasingly intelligent, connected devices to market,” said Alejandro Nieto, IoT Specialist at Softtek and one of the paper’s co-authors. “But while the potential benefits are alluring, realizing a strategy that yields quantifiable benefits presents a challenge.”

“Three Ways to Make the Internet of Things Real” highlights three main components for succcess, which include:

  • Bridging the “language barrier” that often exists between IT and operational teams.
  • How a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) methodology can quickly bring initiatives on-line and yield measurable ROI.
  • Business prioritiziation of selecting a solution that connects myriad devices and enables seamless data sharing and integration with minimal customization and third-party intervention.

“While the range of options around IoT can be confounding, staying on the sidelines is not an option,” said co-author Dagoberto Mata, a Global Account Director at Softtek.“The good news is that companies can take specific steps to develop reasoned yet aggressive initiatives that yield results and build momentum, without committing to major investments and unproven long-term courses of action.”

Softtek’s IoT capabilities include a longstanding alliance with GE aimed at enabling digital industrial business outcomes. In addition, Softtek blauLabs was formed in April of 2017 as an R&D center to deliver cloud-based IoT sustainability and energy management solutions for utilities, smart factories, smart cities and smart infrastructures.

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