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Operational “Silos” an Obstacle to a Better Air Travel Experience

Softtek Report Outlines Keys to Improving Integration

DALLAS, TX – December 04, 2017 – Softtek, a leading global IT services provider dedicated to creating value through technology, today published a new white paper on how airlines can develop operational strategies to enhance the travel experience for passengers.

Beyond the Silos: Connecting the Dots in the Air Travel Value Chain” examines how operational fragmentation within individual airline enterprises and between airlines and other entities – such as airports, retailers, rental car companies and hotels – prevents the integration and connectivity needed to transform air travel.

“The airline industry aims to deliver a ‘connected travel experience’ characterized by ease, convenience and seamless and personalized service,” said David Orellana, Leader Softtek’s Airline Industry Practice and the report’s author. “ Today, however, the various operational towers and business entities comprising the air travel value chain operate largely as discrete silos, preventing the collaboration and communication needed to drive true connection.”

The report examines specific issues such as the fragmentation of passenger data across multiple systems and databases, and challenges related to consolidating and managing data from multiple sources. Business challenges such as data sharing between different and potentially competing entities, as well as communicating information to passengers, are also discussed. To take a specific example, the author explains how the tracking and recovery of lost baggage is hampered by a lack of coordination between airline, airport and hotel systems, processes and applications; and how the air travel industry must recognize that collaboration with other entities is ultimately more competitively beneficial than jealously guarding individual pieces of the value chain.

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