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Softtek Appoints Francisco Alvarez-Cascos as President of Softtek Spain

Former Vice President of Spain during José Maria Aznar’s administration joins
Softtek’s executive leadership team

Madrid, Spain – November 20, 2008 – Softtek, a global provider of IT and business process solutions and the largest private IT service provider in Latin America, announced today that Francisco Alvarez-Cascos has been appointed as president of Softtek Spain. Alvarez-Cascos served in the government of Spain as vice president (1996-2000) and minister of transportation and public works (2000-2004) during José Maria Aznar’s administration.

Softtek opened operations in Spain in 2004, with the opening of its Global Delivery Center (GDC) in A Coruña in Galicia, which currently serves clients worldwide through its trademarked Global Nearshore™ model. Alvarez-Cascos will be responsible for the strategic leadership of Softtek Spain’s operations and expanding its presence in Europe.

“We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Alvarez-Cascos to our global leadership team,” said Blanca Treviño, president and CEO of Softtek. “The human aspect is the cornerstone of our company. We aim to create a very talented team, and experience, commitment, and leadership are of utmost importance. That is why the profile of Mr. Alvarez-Cascos is very appealing for us.”

Softtek’s strategy for Spain is designed around three key guidelines: first, to increase the participation of its GDC in Galicia in the service delivery for global clients; second, to provide organizations in Spain with cost effective and efficient services inherent to the Global Nearshore model; and third, to expand the company’s presence in Europe by leveraging an increased presence in the Spanish market.

“Given the challenging economic environment, Softtek recognizes the opportunity for mature companies to further leverage the outsourcing model,” said Treviño. “Mr. Alvarez-Cascos’ experience and deep understanding of the challenges faced by Spanish organizations will be key to further customize our offering and bring the benefits of the Global Nearshore model to Spain.”

Softtek has earned a strong reputation in the IT & BPO global sourcing industry through its trademarked Global Nearshore™ model, which pairs world-class execution with global proximity to fill the gap left by India-centric outsourcing models.

About Francisco Alvarez-Cascos:

Educated as an engineer with a specialty in roads, channels, and bridges, Alvarez-Cascos worked in the private sector before his involvement in politics. He started his political career in Asturias in 1976 as founder of Reforma Democrática. In 1989, he became the first secretary general of Partido Popular and held its position for 10 years. Under the administration of José María Aznar, he served as vice president (1996-2000) and later as minister of transportation and public works (2000-2004). He has received several distinctions from international governments and distinguished organizations.

About Softtek:

Founded in 1982, Softtek is a global provider of IT and business process solutions with close to 6,000 associates across 30 offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. With eight Global Delivery Centers in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and China, Softtek provides in-depth, high-quality and cost-effective solutions to top-tier corporations in over 20 countries through on-site, on-shore and its trademarked Global Nearshore™ service delivery models. Creator and leader of the Near Shore® Industry, Softtek is the largest private IT service provider in Latin America. For more information, visit

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