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Softtek Celebrates 30 Years
Founder of Nearshore Industry Celebrates 30th Anniversary Across 30 Global Offices

NEW YORK, NY & MONTERREY, MEXICO, December 13, 2012 – Softtek, founder of the nearshore industry and leading global IT services provider dedicated to maximizing the value of applications, celebrates 30 years of success as a global nearshore provider this month. The company, founded in 1982, will commemorate this milestone with celebrations across all of its major markets, including in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Colombia.  Celebrations are being hosted by Softtek’s CEO, Blanca Trevino, throughout December.

“In 30 years, we have faced many great challenges, achieved numerous goals, but above all we have built relationships with our clients and associates that prove we are their preferred partner and employer — a true honor,” said Treviño. “Being a leading provider for IT services is gratifying; however, more important is the fact that Softtek has created thousands of jobs and acted as a protagonist in an industry that is changing the world.”

The concept of Nearshore was coined by Softtek in the late 1990s, as the firm began work with its first U.S. clients. By 2002, Softtek had partnered with the Mexican government to establish more aggressive initiatives to develop the Mexican-born industry. Furthermore, in 2003, Softtek acquired General Electric’s global develop center and its subsidiary, GE Ddemesis. What started as a dream with four associates in Monterrey, Softtek has since become one of Latin America’s most successful global ITOs with over 7,000 associates comprising over 22 different nationalities spread across 30 global offices.

Over the years, the company has spread into China through the acquisition of IT United, while maintaining a strong footprint in the U.S., Latin America and Europe. Further acquisitions are planned for the near future. Moreover, Softtek has further evolved through its stellar talent training and development programs, led in conjunction with Mexico’s leading universities. The results have proved astounding: in Ensenada, Mexico alone, Softtek has tripled the average yearly salary per capita for its workers; and in a city like Aguascalientes, Softtek is one of the largest employers.

Since its founding, Softtek has completed thousands of successful IT projects across application-related services, ERP services, and IT infrastructure support. In 2011 alone, the company opened 300 new projects with clients across 25 different industries. At present, Softtek is a preferred service provider for numerous Fortune 500 companies across the banking, oil & gas, insurance, media & entertainment, real estate, retail, technology, and transportation industries.

As part of Softtek’s anniversary celebrations, the company has sponsored an associate-driven project to identify the “30 Coolest Projects” of Softtek as well as an initiative called “Tell me in short,” a short video competition in which associates were invited to reflect on a memorable experience at Softtek through multimedia. The first place winner of “Tell me in short” received a trip for two to Cannes, France during the film festival. The anniversary celebration initiatives are meant to recognize Softtek’s unique multi-cultural team and to encourage associates to engage in creative, out-of-box thinking.

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About Softtek:
Founded in 1982, Softtek is a global provider of process-driven IT services with more 30 offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. With nine Global Delivery Centers in Mexico, China, Brazil, Argentina and Spain,  Softtek helps improve time-to-business-solution, lower costs of existing applications, deliver better engineered and tested applications, and produce predictable outcomes for top-tier corporations in over 20 countries.  Through on-site, on-shore and its trademarked Global Nearshore™ service delivery models, Softtek teams with CIOs to constantly increase the business value of IT. Softtek is the creator and leader of the nearshore industry. Visit, follow @Softtek, connect with Softtek on LinkedIn and read Softtek’s blog.

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