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Softtek Selected as IT Partner for Australian Olympic Committee
at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Beijing, China – August 11, 2008 – Softtek, the global provider of IT and business process solutions and the largest private service provider in Latin America, announced today that the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) selected Softtek as its IT partner and provider at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in China. Under the agreement, Softtek provides various IT infrastructure support services for a number of AOC’s Olympic venues, from the Olympic Village and Media Press Center to locations outside of Beijing, such as the city of Qingdao.

“Softtek was the perfect fit for us,” said Anthony Soulsby, Communications & Information Technology General Manager of the Australian Olympic Committee. “It is important that the AOC and our athletes are able to communicate with each other in Beijing, but it is imperative that we also stay connected to our operations in Sydney. Softtek has the capabilities to provide the consulting service and IT management experience that we require throughout our time at the Olympic Games.”

“The AOC and I.T. UNITED (acquired by Softtek in August 2007), have worked together for over 18 months to develop and implement IT operations for our Olympic team,” said Soulsby. “As the AOC’s local IT partner, Softtek also coordinated with all relevant IT and telecommunication parties to fulfill all requested services.”

Softtek supports the AOC in a wide range of areas, including project consulting and planning, hardware and equipment sourcing, system configuration and testing between Beijing and Sydney, network infrastructure setup at the Media Press Center and the Olympic Village. Furthermore, during the Olympic Games, Softtek will conduct IT systems administration and hardware maintenance as well as offer onsite IT support to athletes, coaches, and AOC members and staff.

“We are pleased and honored to be chosen as the IT partner by the Australian Olympic Committee during the historical Olympic Games in Beijing,” said Cyrill Eltschinger, CEO of Softtek China. “The partnership is well underway and successful—we are ready and committed to serving the AOC throughout the Olympic Games.”

Softtek began operating in Asia when it acquired China-based I.T. UNITED, and added the eighth Global Delivery Center in Beijing to its network of centers in Mexico, Brazil and Spain. Softtek China currently has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and Xi'an.

Softtek earned a strong reputation in the IT & BPO global sourcing industry through its trademarked Global Nearshore™ model, which pairs world-class execution with global proximity to fill the gap left by India-centric outsourcing models.

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