Digital security leads to zero breaches since 2010 for American mass media conglomerate

About the customer

As a leading global media and technology subsidiary, this American mass media conglomerate has built a legacy across news and entertainment worldwide. With long-standing names in local and national broadcast, film and TV production studios, theme parks, resorts, and a new streaming service, this global media company has hundreds of millions of fans.

35K employees

5 broadcast divisions and 11 cable networks

330M+ monthly viewers of the company’s international news networks

33M streaming service subscribers (2020)

33.9B revenue (2019)

Business challenges

As our client continues to expand its application portfolio to evolve how it delivers content and supports its operations, protecting internal and external applications requires increased security diligence. Safeguarding the organization against day-to-day and high-profile security breaches is a top priority, and the efforts to protect the organization, customers, and partners against catastrophic damage to the company’s economic, operational, reputational, and legal standings are paramount.


Continue to build trust with investors and consumers.


Protect against the potential loss of revenue.


Increase uptime of critical applications.


Protect against the theft of intellectual property.


Guard consumer and enterprise data from cyberattacks.


Increase compliance with data protection laws.

How Softtek comes into play

Faced with on going and fast-moving cybersecurity threats, Softtek was engaged over ten years ago as an innovative nearshore partner to provide continuous security audit and remediation recommendation services across our client’s portfolio of over 2,500 applications. Through this partnership, Softtek’s security practice seamlessly integrates with our client’s security and DevOps units, working together to protect the enterprise from security vulnerabilities.

As a solution-agnostic security partner, Softtek conducts ongoing black box testing to scan and identify real-time security threats in a live environment. After performing the initial scan and analyzing applications, Softtek provides remediation recommendations and then rescans applications for validation after improvements are made. Through this proactive and ongoing process, our client has been able to mitigate security risks, accelerate decision-making, and reduce the cost of security efforts, all with increased confidence in their applications’ security.

Business impact

As a trusted partner for over a decade, Softtek continues to serve our client’s growing application portfolio through a digital security partnership that matures as their needs evolve. During this time, the analysis of an expanding collection of application vulnerability data has unveiled areas of opportunity to mitigate risk and given way to valuable best practices needed to stay one step ahead of sophisticated cyber threats. Leveraging Softtek’s security practice, our client has continuously matured its digital security practices and has refocused more of its team on new growth initiatives.

Zero security breaches since 2010.

100% continuity in revenue flow, derived from secure applications.

Performed security services on over 2,500 applications.

Secured customer information database and applications containing payment and bank data, passwords, and other personally identifiable information.

Optimized security investment to account for areas with greater risk exposure.

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