Software Delivery in the Digital Era, for the Now Economy


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Softtek-eBook-Now-EconomyAll of a sudden every company is becoming a technology company. No matter what industry you participate in, I’ll bet that it is being transformed by information technology.

It’s easy to resort to the usual examples of online banking or the travel industry suffering from a major transformation, and we will be spot-on. But think of less obvious examples, like arts and crafts. Hoboken, NJ, the town where I’ve lived for the past 10 years, holds its Arts & Crafts festival twice a year, in the spring and fall seasons. It is a street fair, where locals sell their crafts. It is hard to pass two or three stands without seeing craft sellers using their iPad or smartphone taking credit card payments via Square, and showcasing their websites or their shops.

Look at the taxi industry and how it is being transformed by GPS technology, mobile communication, hybrid automobile technology and now the fast rise of Uber, an app that connects drivers and riders in 35 cities in the world, including San Francisco, NYC and, most recently, Mexico City.

White paper: Software Delivery in the Digital Era, for the Now Economy
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