Global Delivery Model

Global Delivery Model

A global delivery model combines processes, methodologies, knowledge and quality structures, with skills and talent available across the globe. Organizations can now maximize the value of their business process and information technology investments, while optimizing costs and accelerating time to market. Softtek’s Global Nearshore model pairs world class execution and global proximity.


Softtek service value

Organizations benefit from agility enabled by the most robust delivery capability in Latin America, as well as scalability and global reach with capabilities in Europe, India and China.

Softtek has 15 Global Delivery Centers in the following locations: 

  • Mexico:
    • Aguascalientes
    • Baja California
    • Mexico City (2)
    • Monterrey
    • Guadalajara
  • U.S.:
    • Saint Louis, MO
  • Brazil:
    • Fortaleza
    • Sao Paulo
  • Costa Rica
    • Heredia
  • Argentina:
    • La Plata
  • Spain:
    • A Coruña
  • China:
    • Wuxi
  • India:
    • Bangalore
  • Hungary
    • Budapest


Why Softtek

Proven reliability For nearly two decades Softtek has served some of the most demanding Global 500 organizations with sizable operations, while also meeting the highest quality standards such as CMMi Level 5, ITIL and ISO standards.
Unique LatAm-based capabilities By combining scale and experience delivering services to and from Latin America, Softtek helps organizations move faster, to diversify risk and to expand globally.
Lower Total Cost of Engagement Softtek’s Gloabal Nearshore model helps lower the total cost of global services through proximity, and a mature and disciplined approach, enhancing productivity and minimizing indirect costs, thus eliminating the notion that nearshore is more expensive than offshore.
Allocate work wherever makes more sense Softtek’s India, Europe and China operations provide the perfect complement to its Latin America capabilities for global reach, and access to talent.

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