M&A/IT Integration

M&A/IT Integration

To maximize benefits, a merger and acquisition initiative requires effective integration of infrastructure, applications and data. However, IT often takes a back seat to financial and legal priorities. This relegates CIOs to reactive, tactical functions, and results in a lost opportunity to help the business.

Today, the stakes are higher than ever – cost savings and consolidation from M&As are not enough. Businesses increasingly seek to use the post-merger integration process to drive digital transformation and redefine the customer experience. To seize the opportunity, the IT function must play a more prominent role in strategy, planning and implementation.

Softtek’s M&A and IT Integration Service applies intelligent automation tools and a rigorous organizational change management methodology to enable an efficient and effective merger and acquisition process. And by establishing the user experience as a top priority at the outset of the transition, we ensure a focus on strategic value.

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