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Four trends that will mark the future of the UX in 2019

Explore four UX trends shaping the future in 2019. Stay ahead of the curve with Softtek's insights. Read more.

16 January, 2019 – The digital world is increasingly focused on the user, which has become the epicenter of everything that happens on the Internet and that demands an increasingly exclusive and personalized attention. Therefore, optimizing the user experience on the companies’ website is crucial. Aware of the importance of this fact, Vector ITC highlights the main innovations of 2019 to optimize the user experience.

Contextualization and virtualization

The user experience is being virtualized. The dynamics of digital are establishing a situation where everything is in context and connected. The customer experience should facilitate that continuous flow of use and consumption.

“In this sense, the number one trend in the design will be its contextualization. The current emphasis on a mobile-centric user experience demand will be replaced by device-independent designs. Whether it’s Smart TV, smartphone, smartwatch, wearable, laptop or tablet. The growing number of connected devices available to each user will lead UX designers to create more dynamic multi-device experiences”comments Carlos Rodríguez Gordo, UX area manager at Vector ITC.

The user experience should provide for an interaction tailored to each context to fulfill a function or purpose. Custom experiences will be created that will manifest on each device differently and depending on the context the user chooses. Design systems will increase their importance as virtual guarantors of this contextualized, multi-device consistency.

The importance of storytelling

In this contextualized and multi-device presence, stories that engage users must be transmitted. Therefore, storytelling will be crucial, as it will help brands to convey the experiences that the new consumer wants. In this sense, it will be as important as what is counted as the way it is counted. They will continue to grow as an associated trend, the importance of video, augmented and virtual reality and dynamic interfaces.

Anticipatory Design

Another direct consequence of this need to create user engagement will be the growth of aI hand customization, especially anticipatory Design. Based on the use of robotization and big data technologies the system avoids the user the need to decide. The system knows your tastes and generates a custom UX.

Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

Another variant is the Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), which consists of the automatic construction of personalized browsing experiences and interaction through algorithms. Digital experiences will be unique and reflection of the user who enjoys them.

“The user experience is a critical component that must be taken care of to the smallest detail to meet the demands of the users. In this sense, as expectations are constantly changing, the ability to adapt to new environments is crucial. Vector ITC is committed to focusing UX’s strategy on facilitating digital life for the user, putting our extensive knowledge of the sector along with cutting-edge technologies at the service of our customers”, concludes Carlos Rodríguez Gordo.

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464