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NFON partners with Vector Pyme for cloud telephony sector expansion.

NFON partners with Vector PYME for cloud telephony sector expansion. Get the details at Softtek.

14 May, 2018 – NFON AG, a leading European cloud telephony provider, has reached a new agreement with digital technology provider Vector ITC Group. The alliance, an extension of the agreement signed in 2015, includes the full upgrade and migration of Vector ITC Group’s internal telephony extensions, as well as an immediate migration of existing customers who contracted that service to NFON. “This agreement is an essential part of our expansion and internationalization strategy. Likewise, this alliance highlights our ambition to become No. 1 in Europe,”says César Flores Rodríguez, sales director at NFON AG.

With the new agreement, Vector ITC Group, through its Vector Pyme division, will provide technical support and after-sales service (helpdesk). This implies an expansion of its client portfolio in Spain, as it will serve both current and future NFON customers who purchase virtual switchboards. In addition, the agreement makes Vector Pyme a premium distributor. On the other hand, with this new alliance Vector Pyme provides NFON with a solid technical knowledge of the product and the service of this type of solutions in the Spanish market, guaranteeing an excellent customer experience.

“The after-sales service is one of the keys when it comes to purchasing a virtual switchboard. At Vector Pyme we have more than 15 years of experience in the maintenance and after-sales service of switchboards in Spain. This allows us to ensure an excellent customer experience, both at the level of technical support and personalized attention. Through this alliance NFON Iberia customers will have guaranteed the best service in Spanish, to solve their problems”says Manuel Quilez, Director of Vector Pyme.

The agreement also includes a global communication and marketing campaign for the generation of new business opportunities within the virtual switchboard sector, which will be developed by Modern, Vector ITC’s marketing and communication agency Group.

Four pillars

The alliance between NFON Iberia and Vector ITC Group through its Vector Pyme division is based on four pillars.

“For NFON AG the Spanish market is a key part of our internationalization strategy. Vector ITC Group is a perfect partner for its commitment to innovation, quality and for being a fast-growing consolidated technology group. Our agreement is an important milestone in the digitization of the Iberian Peninsula”.In addition, Vector Pyme will provide NFON support and after-sales service in the local language. “Helping and speaking in Spanish is a very valuable competitive advantage,”adds Miguel Gillis, CEO of NFON Iberia.

For Juan Manuel Rebollo, Ceo of Vector ITC Group, the alliance is one more step of digitization in Spain:“With NFON we have as a partner a leading group in the sector of cloud-based telephony systems. Its high-end technology covers all the needs demanded by business communications. Through this agreement, NFON brings us its great capacity and experience to meet cloud telephony challenges”

NFON is the new freedom of the communications business. NFON AG offers customized solutions to companies in 13 countries today. With approximately 3.1 million commercial customers, Spain is a key market for NFON AG. Hans Szymanski, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of NFON AG: “NFON AG has achieved impressive growth in recent years. With this partnership, we once again demonstrated the high demand for our product portfolio from the cloud.”

About Vector SME

Vector Pyme is the business division of Vector ITC Groupthat helps small, medium-sized enterprises and professionals grow and innovate according to their needs and investment capacity. With a portfolio of more than 1000 customers, its main services focus on digital marketing, technology and the telecommunications sector.

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