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Softtek Invests and Partners with Vector ITC

Agreement will enable the joint development of digital solutions that will benefit customers of both companies

DALLAS – April 11, 2019 – Softtek, a global company dedicated to helping organizations evolve through digital technology, today announced that as part of its capability expansion strategy it has finalized a partnership with Spanish company Vector ITC, with headquarters in Madrid. The agreement, which includes a minority investment by Softtek in Vector's capital, will allow both companies to strengthen their solutions and enable the joint construction of intellectual property. The initial focus will be on the banking, consumer products and industrial sectors.

"We found the perfect ally to accelerate the development of our digital capabilities," said Blanca Treviño, President and CEO of Softtek. "Vector possesses the perfect combination of understanding the business context of our clients, technological knowledge, and geographical presence. We are excited about the value that together we can quickly bring to clients at both companies."

With more than 2,500 professionals, seven offices in Spain and an international presence in Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, the United States, Costa Rica, Paraguay, the United Kingdom and Germany, Vector designs and develops initiatives based on cutting-edge technology to promote digital change.

Given the extensive business and sector knowledge of each company, the objective of the agreement will focus on jointly developing digital products and innovative solutions that help reinvent the value chain of companies in a disruptive manner, based on the opportunities the new digital environment offers:

Through this agreement, Vector customers will also have access to Softtek’s services portfolio and talent network of more than 12,000 people and 12 global delivery centers.

"At Vector we are excited about the possibilities this partnership brings to our customers and employees," said Carlos Delgado, CEO of Vector ITC. "The global reach, maturity and competitiveness of Softtek's practices, together with its integral vision of digital transformation, represent a unique platform to elevate our value proposition."

Softtek's digital transformation proposal recognizes that transformative technologies impose the need for agile and iterative linking between vision cycles, capability building and business execution. Consequently, the company has created a digital management model based on the axes of business alignment, agility and automation as guiding principles.

"We discovered the ideal partner in Vector. A great group of talented and self-determined people—the perfect ingredients for our capability expansion strategy, which will include more partnerships, investments and acquisitions. We will continue to reinforce the value we bring to our customers," concluded Treviño.

About Vector ITC
Vector ITC is a technology group with participation in Keyland and Agora companies.  Vector was established in 2002 and was merged to form Vector ITC Group in 2014. With 2,000 professionals, Vector provides services in Spain (Madrid, Coruña, Albacete, Córdoba, Segovia, León, Ávila, Bilbao and Málaga) and has international offices in Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, the U.K. and Germany.

Vector ITC is a technology and digital services provider that supports its clients from the beginning of their technological transformation to the end of the process.  It offers innovative solutions that allow clients to meet their business objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner, adapting them to new client relationships.

Vector ITC develops technology by and for people, with growth driven by innovation and people as the source of inspiration. Smart technology that instills trust and confidence, and facilitates critical projects. www.vectoritcgroup.com @VectorITC_Group

About Softtek
Founded in 1982, Softtek is a global company and the largest provider of IT services from Latin America. With a broad portfolio of business-transforming products and solutions, Softtek helps Global 2000 organizations evolve their digital capabilities constantly and seamlessly, from ideation and development to execution.  Learn how Softtek creates value through technology at www.softtek.com and connect with @Softtek in social media.  

For more Information, contact:

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464

Natividad de Mora Perez
Vector ITC