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Vector ITC–Scytl Successfully Manages Valencian Elections Count

Discover how UTE Vector ITC Scytl ensures accurate and reliable election counting at Les Corts Valencianes. Read more at Softtek.

29 April, 2019 – The UTE formed by Vector ITC, a Spanish technological and digital group dedicated to the constant improvement of technological solutions, and Scytl, a Spanish company leader in electoral technology, with the collaboration of ODEC, has implemented the different technologies that have allowed to support the entire electoral process.

“We are proud to have faced a technological challenge of such a great and as responsible as the elections at the Corts Valencianes. Having the collaboration of the Generalitat and its professionals, and having a top-notch technology and a highly qualified team, has allowed us to manage in just 43 days the elections to les Corts Valencianes.”, says Carlos Delgado, CEO of Vector ITC Group and manager of the UTE.

The UTE of Vector ITC and Scytl has deployed more than 2,300 mobile devices for the transmission of votes that, during the opening and phases of advances of participation, have reached a recording speed of more than 500 tables per minute.

To securely and reliably cover the process, two networked data centers, a private and exclusive communication network, a set of nine election applications, a results dissemination website, have been set up 200 professionals dedicated to the support of election day.

“We have lived a historic election day in the Generalitat Valenciana, in which the citizens have chosen the composition of les Corts Valencianes. To thank Vector, ODEC and Scytl for their commitment, professionalism and effort which, together with their technology, have made it possible for us to have had a safe, reliable and successful electoral process”,rafael Pino Justo, coordinator of the electoral process at the Generalitat Valenciana.

Spanish Proposal 100%

Vector ITC has brought technological leadership, infrastructure, security, and its great ability to provide services, logistics, support and training to all administration representatives, while Scytl has brought extensive electoral experience in Spain and in more than 40 countries, and ODEC their experience in the development of autonomous electoral processes and technological development capacity and presence in the Valencian Community.

The UTE will also be responsible for managing the European and municipal elections, as well as the regional processes of Castilla y León, Castilla la Macha and Extremadura on May 26, to ensure again that the democratic process is carried out in a way effective and secure, certifying rapid collection, processing and dissemination of election results.

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464