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Vector ITC's Linkers program: Loyalty of talent through innovation.

Vector-ITC invests in talent loyalty through its innovative corporate culture program, Linkers.

1 october, 2019. – Talent loyalty is one of the unresolved issues of today’s companies. For this reason, Vector ITC, a Spanish technological and digital group, has announced the success of its Linkers corporate culture programme. After a year of implementation, the company has experienced a radical improvement in the flow of internal communication, efficiently transmitting and enhancing the values, mission and messages through the various communication channels. These improvements have a direct impact on the satisfaction of the company’s employees, who feel listened to and who form part of a common project, which increases the rate of talent loyalty.

The project, which began in March 2018, is committed to the well-being and co-responsibility of workers in different groups and areas of the company. The central axis of this programme is the Linker, a reference figure for employees, to which they can go to find out what initiatives are being launched in the company, for the initial onboarding when there is a new incorporation and a guide figure is necessary, to request help on a day-to-day basis, in the event of doubts or suggestions and to find out which are the appropriate channels to channel their concerns within Vector.

The progress after the implementation of the program has been radical. In just one year, there has been a 20% increase in employee participation in corporate initiatives. In addition, there has been a 23% to 68% increase in attendance at various Linker meetings. 100% of employees have a Linker as a reference person for their day-to-day life since joining the company.

In order to guarantee the loyalty of talent, it is necessary to involve all employees, take care of them, listen to them and make them participants in the success of the company. Two-way communication is a vital element of Vector ITC’s DNA. Based on transparency and honesty, it is one of the foundations for transmitting a corporate culture that is empathic and transversal to all areas and work groups”, comments Andrea Portillo Jimenez, coordinator of the Linker Project. “Since the implementation of the Linkers programme, we have received formal feedback from 95% of quarterly meetings and initiatives, compared to 40% at the start of the project,” adds Andrea.

The Linkers are volunteers of the organization who wish to be protagonists of the transformation of the corporate culture. They receive information, support and direct recognition from the management of the company in their daily work as ambassadors and promoters of Vector’s culture, they are the first validators of corporate initiatives, channelers of the concerns of employees and the main agents of change. They take part in quarterly meetings to discuss company news, listen to new initiatives and channel their concerns. These meetings and initiatives are prepared and presented by a Linkers Committee led and monitored personally by the company’s CEO.

The success in the implementation of this type of projects is fundamental to improve internal communication between the different areas. Thanks to the figure of the Linker, it is possible to transmit the values of the company, making it possible for the members of Vector ITC to develop their lives in the company and grow, always looking for the transformation and streamlining of processes and their own welfare in the company,” says Carlos Delgado, CEO of Vector ITC.

Currently the company has 72 Linkers, located between its 11 sites and in the teams displaced in client. One of the examples of the importance of this type of figure in Vector has been the initiative achieved by the Linkers of the different locations so that employees can work remotely. With this objective, the so-called “Flexidays” have been established in which employees can telework, thus promoting work flexibility and facilitating the conciliation of workers.

What type of profile is sought in a Linker?

Linkers are people committed to the company, with initiative, desire to participate in a process of organizational transformation, who have emotional intelligence and their values are aligned with those of Vector. They can apply personally or under the proposal/validation of other Linkers. From that point on, they enter a selection process to verify that they understand their role, their commitment and that they will be able to assume this responsibility.

Thanks to the Linkers project I have greater contact with my colleagues and with other departments, effectively improving communication with each of them. I feel very useful being an agent of change in our company, improving every day the processes and growth of all employees,” says Olga Picazo, Linker of the communication and marketing department of Vector ITC.

Karen Liedl
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