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Vector ITC partners with UiPath to offer RPA services.

Vector ITC Group teams up with UiPath to provide RPA services to customers. Discover more at Softtek.

24 May, 2018 – Vector ITC Group, Spanish capital 100% technology group announces its partnership with UiPath, the leading software company of RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Through this agreement, both companies will offer the best RPA technology solutions in order to optimize business processes while saving time and resources.

“UiPath is, without a doubt, one of the best RPA technology platforms on the market thanks to its user-friendly interface. Designing processes with UiPath Studio is very intuitive and easy to understand, both for programmers and less technical users,” says Antonio Gálvez, Director of Consulting and Solutions at Vector ITC Group. “These reasons make our partnership with UiPath great news for both us and our customers,”adds Galvez.

Through this agreement, Vector ITC Group will bring its extensive experience in the integration of solutions, as well as in the field of analysis, modeling and optimization of business processes. In addition, the project will have an expert and multidisciplinary team of business consultants and developers, who will be in charge of overseeing end-to-end processes. On the other hand, UiPath provides its powerful platform, capable of simulating user interaction thus helping to accelerate operational processes, increase agility and offer added value to customers optimizing productivity or business processes. In addition, the UiPath platform consists of different modules that integrate a wide variety of functionalities such as OCR, Citrix and virtual environments, macro registries, etc.

This agreement with UiPath will allow Vector ITC Group customers to complete routine tasks with optimal levels of agility and accuracy. At the same time, delegating these processes to a virtual template of digital software robots, company employees will be able to focus on more strategic, creative and customer-focused initiatives.

“Our partnership with Vector ITC Group is another important step in the goal of increasing our presence in Spain and the rest of Europe. Through this agreement, we will bring RPA technology to many more organizations, which will benefit from a significant increase in business productivity, compliance and customer services through front-office and back-office operations,”he says, says Anand Nagwani, Vice President of Operations, UiPath.“Our solutions will not only help companies become digital businesses faster, but also give them significant advantages in terms of Artificial Intelligence,”he adds.

RPA to optimize business strategies

RPA technology simplifies processes by replicating human actions and automating repetitive tasks through software robot development. Far from looking like a physical robot that can be found on a production line, software robots support the human template with relatively simple tasks through predefined logical rules that guide their performances.

Benefits of implementing RpA UiPath technology

Among all the advantages offered by this technology, the following stand out:

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