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Vector ITC in Alicante: Offshoring Tech Talent

Vector-ITC arrives in Alicante to offshore tech talent in Spain and drive the digital economy in Valencia.

17 may, 2021. – Vector ITC, a Softtek company, has inaugurated its new Centre of Technological Competence (CCT) in Alicante with the aim of offshoring digital talent in Spain and boosting the region as a leading territory in development and innovation, with Distrito Digital as its main partner. As part of its kick off 2021, the event brought together key figures from local and regional government, as well as universities and business associations from the IT technology sector. In addition, during the opening event, the company presented its new growth plan for this year.

The event was opened by the President of the Provincial Council of Alicante, Carlos Mazón Guixot, who focused on the Digital Strategy for the province of Alicante: “We welcome everyone who bets on Alicante, on technology and offshoring in one of the best places in the Mediterranean. This decision is because there is an ecosystem, extraordinarily reputable people in the sector, and for our part we must let talent flow, let it develop and let the desire to invest soar. Thank you for betting on Alicante. The return for the company, the city and the province will be a guarantee of success”.

Vector ITC, Softtek company, presented the plan and the disruptive force needed in digital services and technological innovation to drive digital excellence in the Valencian Community in the coming years, thanks to this Centre of Technological Competence (CCT). For his part, Carlos Delgado Suárez, CEO of Vector ITC and Softtek EMEA stressed the company’s purpose and strategy in the Valencian Community.

For her part, the Honourable Ms. Carolina Pascual Villalobos, Minister of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society of the Generalitat Valenciana, closed the event by saying “The inauguration of the new headquarters in Alicante of Vector, partner of Distrito Digital, is great news for the city and the Valencian Community. Especially for the generation of jobs that it entails and, for something else, because it confirms that Alicante is a consolidated technology hub that continues to grow””.

Relocation of talent

The technology company currently has a presence in several communities in Spain and is committed to generating quality employment and talent for the future. In addition, they have already generated more than 30 new jobs with professionals of different technological profiles and the challenge is to reach 100 by the end of 2021, doubling that figure in 2022. In this sense, the opportunity to work in a multinational, in international and regional projects and a flexible teleworking model will be key to attracting and relocating talent.

Another key point for offshoring talent will be to create the ideal conditions for attracting ICT profiles that for various reasons have chosen other destinations. In this way, Vector ITC, a Softtek company, is committed to young/senior local talent and quality employment for its new CCT, focusing on the quality of life of the community and the expertise of the profiles when working on multinational projects.

Boosting digitalisation as a growing economic sector

A fundamental point of the company’s plan will be to promote the digitalisation of the Community’s economy and the Public Administration. To achieve this, it will be necessary to continue promoting projects such as those being worked on to date, based on technological innovation applied to the tourism, retail and logistics sectors, among others. In addition, its experience in the technological management of regional elections in the Valencian Community, as well as its support in projects for leading companies in the region, position Vector ITC, a Softtek company, as a great strategic partner.

The new Centre of Technological Competence (CCT) will be located in Alicante and will be part of the city’s Digital District. To date, about 80 companies are installed, which already has more than a hundred partner companies and collaborating entities. Likewise, more than half of the companies that form part of the Digital District – 54% – belong to the software and multi-platform field. Vector ITC, a Softtek company, has years of experience in innovation and technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital marketing business generation, BPO, Big Data, mobility and ecommerce.

Our main mission is to give greater visibility to the strategic initiatives of Alicante and the Valencian Community, to make the Mediterranean region a key technological hub to boost digital entrepreneurship, the new urban economy and attract national and international projects. To do this, it will be essential to provide constant support to educational institutions focused on technology careers (STEM), especially for female students, and the different associations to retain talent in the region and make it a benchmark in the ICT sector,”, said Carlos Delgado Suárez, CEO of Vector ITC and Softtek EMEA.

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464