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All the keys to the main UX methods for the post-pandemic market

Discover the key UX methods for the post-pandemic market.

23 november, 2020. – The user or customer experience is no longer an abstract and generalist concept but a broad and complex discipline. It has now become necessary to create new tools and renew methodologies to adapt to market needs and explore new forms of interaction, beyond the ideal contexts of use.

In this sense, the pandemic has accelerated and forced companies to offer key user experiences when acquiring or consuming a certain product or service. Vector ITC, an international technology and digital group, has published a complete guide with the seven main methodologies and 38 tools for creating solutions from the perspective of design principles, based on its User Experience & Research projects.

To create new products or services it is necessary to follow a working methodology and a creation process. In its beginnings, the user experience (UX) was wrapped up in cognitive theory and universal principles, but it was also surrounded, as is always the case with creative and innovation processes, by uncertainty.

Today, there are many UX methodologies, some older and others newer, but all valid and the choice of which one to use for the development of a project will depend on the team, the company or client for which it is being carried out and the project itself. Next, we will briefly develop the best known ones:

“User experience management and the interaction that this has with digital products has become indispensable, as well as merging Business and Consumer in any creative process”, says Aldara Sánchez González, UX Manager at Vector ITC.

For more information on the subject, download our guide at the following link (content in spanish).

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464