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Business Agility: Vital for Company Evolution in Digital Age

Business agility: A crucial factor for companies' evolution in the digital era.

13 february, 2020. – Vector ITC, international technological and digital group, held last February 7th an event focused on Business Agility, from a holistic vision of an organizational model that favors the development of solutions adapted to the needs of customers and the speed that the market demands.

Real-time interconnectivity is a fact in today’s world. Software development makes more and more companies from different sectors aware of the need to apply this approach as a competitive strategy. In this sense, the omnicanality, immediacy and convenience that a society of empowered and demanding customers demands, has made software the core of any organization.

Throughout the day, the main concepts of Business Agility were analyzed, according to Vector ITC’s vision and how the methodological framework of SAFe, (of which Vector ITC and Softtek are Gold Partners of its supplier Scaled Agile, Inc.) has helped large companies to improve their capacity to offer solutions to their clients.

Key to this vision is the importance of focusing on the client as the receiver and center of the company’s efforts to generate value, using iterative and incremental creation of quality software. Rafael Conde del Pozo, director of Digital & Innovation of Vector ITC, started the presentations with a talk on “The era of SoftWare & Digital”, while David Alejano, head of Digital Culture & Enterprise Agility Enabler, deepened the concept of Enterprise Agility and the company as a living organism.

Chris James, CEO of Scaled Agile, Inc. and Daniel Boudier, Manager of Partner Development at Scaled Agile, Inc. provided details on SAFe 5.0 and the changes introduced in this release to move the entire enterprise toward a higher level of Enterprise Agility. The day ended with a presentation by Marco Antonio Garcia-Ochoa, Enterprise Agility Enabler at Vector ITC, on Lean-Agile portfolio management.

Faced with such a dynamic context, companies must present disruptive technological solutions that enable them to differentiate themselves from the competition and meet new customer needs quickly and effectively. In this sense, software is key and its mastery of large-scale delivery will be the competitive advantage in this era,”, said Rafael Conde del Pozo, director of Digital & Innovation at Vector ITC.

The dynamism of the current market situation makes it necessary for companies to be able to read and even anticipate the changes that are taking place, as well as to respond appropriately to them, not only to survive, but to prosper in their own environment. To gain competitive advantage from this, companies need to achieve an appropriate level of Business Agility, i.e. that the entire organization is capable, using Lean and Agile practices, of continuously and proactively delivering solutions faster than the competition.

Companies are living organisms. It is necessary to understand their complex nature in depth to improve their ability to adapt quickly to change and uncertainty. In this way, Business Agility is defined as the ability of an organization to react and respond, in an innovative and creative way to changes, in order to generate benefits through the rapid adaptation of its system to the environment”, said David Alejano, Head of Digital Culture & Enterprise Agility Enabler at Vector ITC.

On the other hand, Chris James, CEO of Scaled Agile, Inc. emphasized that “to transform themselves, companies must no longer be just digital, but be agile in terms of business. Thus, to achieve change it is necessary to create better working environments with the aim of increasing employee engagement in companies”.

Finally, during his presentation, Marco Antonio Garcia-Ochoa, Enterprise Agility Enabler at Vector ITC emphasized that “The evolution of Enterprise Agility as a strategy, requires new modes of portfolio management based on Lean Thinking and Agile”

For the immediate future, the efforts of all companies must be aimed at putting the customer at the centre, constantly delivering value and taking into account their feedback at all times in order to quickly incorporate it into the product or solution. Therefore, the evolution of Business Agility in companies is presented as an imperative need to survive and prosper in markets increasingly convulsed and uncertain.

To learn more about implementing strategies focused on Enterprise Agility download the complete E-book here.

Karen Liedl
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