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Cybersecurity: Safeguarding Data in Teleworking Era

Cybersecurity: Safeguarding your organization's data during the teleworking period.

1 april, 2020. – Nowadays, telework is more present than ever in the life of the Spanish people due to the state of alarm under which the country is. From Vector ITC they raise the most common scenarios where problems could occur during this period of remote work and recommend key actions to help companies to protect their data and minimize the risk related to their digital security.

In recent weeks, many organizations have implemented remote working among their employees to be able to continue with their activities. Some already had telework policies in place and have experienced fewer difficulties in moving to this model. However, most will discover obstacles during implementation as they have not had the time to prepare.

Two of the biggest contingencies in a scenario with a large number of remote connections is the overloading of the internal network and the need to ensure that all computers can connect to access the tools needed for their day-to-day work. This happens because nowadays most companies need to have their own internal network where to execute certain processes. If these scenarios were to occur, they would put the thousands of data stored at risk.

So how do you protect your organization’s data during this period of teleworking? Vector ITC recommends the following preventive keys in cyber security:

Data storage, especially of those that are classified as confidential, is often one of the most attractive targets for cyber attacks. Companies must ensure that their data repositories, whether on physical or virtual servers, have the necessary security measures in place to prevent theft, kidnapping or even destruction of the information”, says Rafael Conde del Pozo, Digital & Innovation Director of Vector ITC.

Vector ITC has a great experience in the design and development of solutions and services of Cybersecurity fully adaptable to each type of company. In addition, it has comprehensive solutions for the analysis of large volumes of data, essential for the efficiency of processes, improved decision-making and cost reduction.

For more information, consult and download our whitepaper about cybersecurity here (content in Spanish).

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
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