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Mitigating COVID-19 impact on supply chains: Vector ITC's insights.

Mitigating COVID-19's supply chain impact: Agility and smart decision-making with IT.

6 april, 2020. – Ágora, a consulting firm specialized in supply chain of the business group Vector ITC and strategic partner of BlueYonder (JDA) in EMEA and Latin America, is helping its clients these days by giving special support for their IT infrastructures and services and is available to other companies that need to strengthen themselves technologically for the unforeseen events of the future, since an adequate planning of the supply chain and logistics is being one of the key factors in the management of this crisis.

The social and economic impact of the Covid-19 and the measures to stop its spread have directly affected the supply chain, which has resulted in having to face challenges never seen before in a fast and efficient way. This new paradigm has caused a change in the format of demand, leading organizations to readjust their production, transport and storage in a matter of hours. It is important to have automated tools that support business management in the face of disruptive change such as the current one.

According to a report by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, 90 percent of China’s 23 largest automobile groups have already resumed work as of March 11, thanks to the country’s comprehensive supply chain. This shows that the crisis we are going through also represents an opportunity for better coordination between the supply chains of producers, distributors and logistics operators to achieve maximum efficiency and ensure service.

Without a doubt, this new situation is proving to be a challenge for companies’ supply chains, demonstrating the importance of the technological base that supports them. Some companies are better equipped than others, but fortunately there are solutions on the market to improve demand and supply forecasting, transport management, warehouse management, etc.

Supply Chain Technology Solutions

Only those capable of maintaining control over their processes will be able to make their way through the demands of the crisis. Ágora’s solutions are specially designed to meet all the needs of the supply chain, providing control, security and decision-making capacity in all your operations, whatever the business sector through the following solutions:

BlueYonder and Ágora are helping companies to address a variety of scenarios to obtain information on: inventory visibility, supply prediction and adaptation in decision making. Right now, it is vital to have real-time visibility of what is happening in the chains, in order to detect and react to incidents. And at the same time, it is important to collect data on what is happening so that in the near future we can analyze it and make improvements that strengthen our supply chain.

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464