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Programming trends: Modern languages gaining ground

Explore the rise of modern languages in programming trends. Softtek unveils insights into the growing prominence of cutting-edge coding languages.

18 november, 2021. – The list of programming languages and protocols on the market is growing, which makes it difficult to choose the most suitable one for a specific project or application. Some of the emerging languages are particularly modern and simple, but they are able to compete with those already established in the sector. In addition, there is another factor to take into account: the software development industry is booming and a huge percentage of new developers are entering the sector, so the simplest and easiest to develop programming languages will tend to be the most popular, causing the traditional ones to lose market share.

Softtek, a global provider of next-generation digital transformation services and solutions, summarises some of the languages that are gaining popularity in its reportNext-Gen Software: Languages & Tools:

Python and JavaScript have dominated the programming language market for some time now, and continue to gain more and more popularity. But older languages have the baggage of the past and cannot move fast enough (Java) or become even more cumbersome as they add more and more features (C++). This is not the case with newer languages that can meet the demand of today’s developers. Most of them focus on developer ergonomics and support modern features such as type inference, null safety, expressiveness or brevity. Many of them are also designed to take advantage of modern hardware and infrastructure (Cloud, Multi-Core, GPU, TPU).””, says Rafael Conde, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Softtek EMEA.

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