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The 5 challenges Big Data faces

Discover the 5 challenges that Big Data is confronting.

22 july, 2019. – Vector ITC, Spanish technological and digital group, points out that Big Data is one of the most important technological trends for the digital transformation of companies, as it has represented one of the greatest impacts in different economic and business sectors. The application of this type of technology is varied and ranges from decision making, through customer segmentation, to the drastic increase in productivity. For example, 53% of companies worldwide have substantially improved their customer service thanks to this technology.

However, despite the fact that investment in this type of technology does not stop growing, the reality is that 65% of projects based on Big Data launched in Spain end up failing. The reasons are due to the scarce technological and formative preparation of the companies, or for not having external experts to help design and monitor this type of innovations. Added to the fact that the digital transformation in Spain is progressing, but at a medium pace, companies must analyze the challenges posed by Big Data and determine how it will impact on each of their processes when implementing it. In this sense, Vector ITC points out the following challenges:

Big Data offers companies the possibility of obtaining detailed, reliable and deep knowledge to make smarter and less risky decisions. The crucial importance of this technology does not lie in storing a large volume of data, but in knowing how to analyze them in order to extract the maximum value from them. Companies must first consider for what type of processes they need to implement data analysis solutions and what challenges their implementation presents, with the aim of reducing costs and increasing business profitability,” says Rafael Conde del Pozo, Director of Digital & Innovation at Vector ITC.

Vector ITC has extensive experience in the application of Big Data technologies, with the aim of being adaptable to the business of each type of company. In addition, it has integral solutions for the analysis of great volumes of data, fundamental for the efficiency of the processes, the improvement in the taking of decisions and the reduction of costs for each company.

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