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“Vector Academy for all”: ICT training for integration

Unlock ICT training for integration with Vector Academy. Explore opportunities at Softtek.

20 June, 2018 – Vector Academy, the innovation center of Vector ITC Grouplocated in Avila, together with the Alma Tecnológica Foundation, opened yesterday to the Down Madrid Foundation to give workshops on programming to people belonging to this collective.

Today, knowing how to program is one of the most valued technical knowledge in an increasingly digital society. The demand for professional profiles with programming skills increases every day, being one of the most sought after professions in the labor market.

“Vector Academy together with both foundations aims to arouse the curiosity and interest of these people in everything related to the technological world, so that they form and acquire skills and competencies that allow them to find a job related to the new technologies. It is the third day held of “Vector Academy for All”, previously participated the Avila Autism Association and the Asperger Madrid Association. Soon there will be more editions as the results are always very positive”,says Antonio Pérez, director of Alma Tecnológica. And there will be more editions.

ICTs, in addition to making information more accessible and enhancing people’s capacities, in the case of persons with disabilities, have helped to alleviate their difficulties and, in some cases, their limitations to a minimum. Among its many advantages, it is worth highlighting:

According to the latest study by the Adecco Foundation, 84% of people with some form of disability say that their overall quality of life has improved thanks to new technologies.

Programming and equinotherapy days

“It is very difficult for us to find activities adapted for people with intellectual disabilities. Thanks to the Alma Tecnológica Foundation and Vector Academy, we have found an ideal place to give them adequate training and adapted and quality activities, in which they not only learn, but also have fun,”said Silvia Gutiérrez del Down Madrid Employment Service.

During the day, which has had 26 students from Down Madrid and that has focused on programming with Scratch, participants have combined technological and digital activities with others outdoors, in direct contact with nature; such as the care of birds of prey, which they have been able to feed and care for, as well as enjoyan an exhibition.

They have also done activities with horses. Equinotherapy, a treatment characterized by the interaction of patients with these animals, provides important benefits at the emotional, cognitive, and psychomotor level, and at Vector Academy they have extensive experience providing equestrian therapies.

The objective of the workshops is to enhance the capacities of these young people, related to information management, communication, teamwork, analytical thinking, creativity and communicative skills.

“It is the duty of society to facilitate the inclusion of people suffering from this syndrome, supporting and training them so that tomorrow they can access decent work that gives them autonomy,”adds Antonio Pérez, director of Alma Tecnológico.

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
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