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Vector ITC Group opens first AI center in Avila province

Vector ITC Group pioneers AI in Ávila Province with its first AI center. Learn more at Softtek.

9 March, 2018 – The digital environment is gaining more and more ground in society, concepts such as Machine Learning, Chatbots or Data Analitycs are increasingly present in everyone’s day. On the occasion of the growing demand for this type of tools, Vector ITC Group opened this morning in Avila the first software development center for artificial intelligence, in the presence of the Minister of Economy and Finance of the Junta de Castilla and León, Dña M Pilar del Olmo and the Mayor of the city, D Jose Luis Rivas Hernandez, among other authorities.

“We want to thank Vector ITC Group for its commitment to developcutting technology in the city of Avila,”said the Minister of Economy and Finance.“This is a commitment to quality employment, for innovation, and we are very happy about Vector’s ability to retain Abalone talent,”he added. In this sense, Vector ITC Group, which already has 25 professionals in this center, is committed to expanding the workforce in 25 other people.

The center will work on three axes, as advanced by the Director of Innovation and Digital of the company Rafael Conde. This new center will focus on the development of technology such as Machine Learning, chatbots and Advanced Analytics. “We will seek the practical application of this technology in fields as diverse as process robotization, business automation, customer segmentation, customization, as well as pattern detection in securitysystems”, Rafael Conde pointed out

Today, thanks to artificial intelligence and the development of new computer technologies, it is possible to apply algorithms to volumes of data that grow and vary at high speed, saving time and effort while maximizing Results. On the other hand, the scene entry of chatbots is presented as a solution to customer experience problems. These digital employees help companies handle a variety of customer needs, from generating a budget for a new product on the company’s website to responding to inquiries.

The event was also attended by the mayor of the city who highlighted Vector’s strong commitment to innovation, as well as the retention of Abalone talent. “We are proud that a center that collaborates with the Massachusetts Institute creates quality employment in thecity.” In this context, Vector ITC Group allocates the 5% for innovation projects to this institute. However, the company’s collaboration goes further. “We are proud to collaborate with both the administration and the Catholic University of Avila to retain the talent that young Abulenses do not have to go to Madrid or Barcelona towork,” said Carlos Delgado, CEO of Vector ITC Group.

The inauguration also features representatives of CONFAE, the President of the Provincial Council, the rector of the UCA, the Delegate and Subdelegate of the Government, the Director General of the Institute of Business Competitiveness of the Board and the Director of Innovation of the Board. “The goal is to become a benchmark by developing technology that drives the economy and business in the new digitalage,” concluded Carlos Delgado.

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464