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Vector ITC highlights the 5 digital trends of 2020

Vector-ITC highlights the 5 digital trends of 2020.

11 february, 2020. – Despite the great advance of technology in recent times, there is still a long way to go and throughout this year there will be great changes that will modify many sectors. The digital ethic, data management, hyperconnectivity, innovation and consumer experience will be the trends that companies will have to pay attention to this year in order to stand out from the competition; as can be seen in the report “2020 Digital Trends” by Vector ITC, an international technology and digital group, which designs and develops initiatives based on cutting-edge technology to drive digital change and generate the greatest value for companies.

For this reason, the company points out the main trends for 2020:

We are in an environment where the need for evolution and adaptation forces us to put innovation at the center of our strategy, providing companies with the elasticity and flexibility necessary to adapt quickly and agile to changes in the market, and to bring this innovation to the customer through personalized and emotional experiences and interactions. The convergence of technologies allows us to anticipate the needs of an increasingly demanding and evolving client, who demands personalized solutions and services adapted to their needs” Señala Rafael Conde del Pozo, Director de Digital & Innovación de Vector ITC.

To download and read the full “2020 Digital Trends” report click here

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