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Vector ITC Joins #StopCorona Project to Combat COVID-19 through Tech

Vector-ITC collaborates in the StopCorona project, leveraging technology to combat COVID-19.

23 april, 2020. – Vector ITC, an international technology and digital group, which designs and develops initiatives based on cutting-edge technology, joins the project #StopCorona, the platform for startups and technology companies of reference in Spain to fight against COVID-19 through technology and data analysis. The objective is to be a speaker of those proposals that can contribute their experience to win the health battle in Spain in the coming months.

Vector ITC has put at the service of this initiative a team of people from the Digital Unit and the Innovation Department with different profiles according to the needs of the platform. Through the website you can see all the proposals submitted to the contest, send new ones or vote among the existing ones. These projects seek the best way to analyze the data that will allow the population to understand the magnitude of the problem and through them raise awareness of compliance with containment measures, curb the number of infections and save more lives.

#StopCorona was born from the fusion of technology and solidarity, that’s why it’s made up of a group of startups willing to help in order to put at the service of society what they know best: to build products with the intention of improving the world around us. Since its creation #StopCorona has been able to bring together projects that are mostly Spanish. That’s why the platform has been chosen by the European Commission as the organization in charge of selecting the Spanish projects that will participate in a European online hackathon on the weekend of April 24-26.

Within the framework of #StopCoronaChallenge, a non-profit competition, startups and companies from all over Spain are already part of this initiative led by the Samaipata startup investment fund, with the aim of attracting the maximum number of projects, helping their diffusion and accelerating their execution through the resources or “perks” contributed by collaborators, volunteers and partners such as Microsoft, Google, AWS, Wayra, Olocip and Innuba. We encourage everyone to contribute ideas, and to vote for those that can bring the most to the community.

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464