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Vector ITC introduces ADA: 100% digital auto delivery solution

Vector-ITC introduces ADA: a 100% digital solution for vehicle reception and delivery in the automotive industry.

1 march, 2021. – Softtek and Vector ITC, an international digital and technology group, have developed an innovative solution that optimises and improves vehicle reception and delivery processes for workshops, vehicle rental and inspection services. Diego Automotive Digital Assistant (Diego ADA) is a virtual assistant for automotive businesses that offers customers and service advisors a new experience whose technological design allows them to customise and quickly incorporate new functionalities according to their needs.

Diego ADA offers 100% digitally customisable software and hardware that provides multiple advantages in the automation of processes as it is a self-service solution, developed to reduce costs and optimise resources. These functions significantly reduce the workload by providing a greater capacity for reception and delivery and immediate attention that allows information to be gathered through its new interactive channel.

Improve the user experience

This custom-designed digital assistant is customer-centric thanks to its agile and intuitive handling, providing full accessibility and independence to users through its user-friendly interface. In addition, it is more efficient thanks to its 24×7 active service. Some of its main objectives are to reduce costs, digitise administrative processes and streamline the customer experience. ADA incorporates other practical functionalities that streamline management such as:

The procedure is very simple: the customer can check in, with or without an appointment. Simply identify the number plate and telephone number using the virtual keypad or QR reader and the customer receives an access code on their mobile phone to continue the process. After authentication, your details and those of your vehicle are displayed and can be easily modified. He can also configure his repair order by adding services available in the catalogue, he is informed of the service measures and the work order is registered. The customer deposits the keys via the automatic and secured custody system and receives a copy of the deposit receipt by e-mail.

Once the service has been completed, the customer receives an SMS to check out their vehicle and proceed to pay their invoices using the POS terminal or the cash payment machine. A copy of the invoices is sent to the customer’s email address and finally the keys are handed over and the location of the vehicle is indicated.

ADA is a self-service solution that provides a rapid return on investment. Through the kiosk, it enables automotive businesses to digitise the customer experience and integrate it with the workshop, dealership or inspection workflow, while providing a full transaction registration and traceability service for customers and users. It is a complete and innovative technology solution to drive digital change and create value for customers and the business”, said Jorge Pereira, Director of FMCG, Industry and Automotive at Vector ITC.

For more information about Diego Automotive Digital Assistant please visit the followinglink.

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