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Vector ITC: Tech Solutions for New Working Day Registration Rules

Vector ITC introduces tech solutions for compliance with new working day registration regulations. Discover more at Softtek.

28 March, 2019 – Vector ITC presents its Presence Control solutions, before the new regulations approved on March 12. According to the Royal Decree published in the BOE, the Government of Spain announces the obligation for companies to implement the registration of the working day of their employees. Such registration must include the beginning and end of each employee’s working day, as well as the incidents that arise during that period. Companies shall be obliged to keep all records for a period of 4 years, and to make them available to workers, trade unions and Labour and Social Security inspections to remedy any discrepancies that may arise.

Solutions that monetize workers’ time:

Vector ITC has different Presence Control Solutions at work that are adapted to the new regulations and can be implemented in the company with minimal investment. These are solutions with iCloud System very easy to use, and that have biometric identification by fingerprint or facial recognition. They also have the option of telework and are modulable to the real needs of companies. The objective of these solutions is to make it easier for companies to effectively manage the time record.

Its operation is based, first of all, on an automatic access control mechanism that guarantees the identity of the employee. This tab when entering and leaving your job, usually by your fingerprint or face to avoid the impersonation of your identity, so that the hours invested in the performance of your activity can be counted.

Second, and beyond the mere recording of inputs and outputs, another value that these solutions provide is the generation of reports associated with each worker. These automated reports allow to analyze the profitability of the employees’ working hours, in order to adopt time optimization measures when the results are not as expected.

“With the new regulations approved, companies must implement these types of resources to comply with the regulatory framework,” says Manuel Quílez, Director of Vector ITC’s Presence Control Solution, which adds: “In this way, the control solutions of Vector ITC’s presence presents great scalability and flexibility in the work environment. They are ideal for companies that need technology adaptable to their business in terms of control, security and automation. With minimal investment and added value when it comes to producing reports that achieve the profitability of time and improvement in decision-making.”

Companies have a period of 2 months from the date of publication of this Royal Decree in the BOE for the adaptation of their registration systems to the new regulations. Therefore, from 12 May 2019 it will be mandatory to have an approved system for the registration of the working day.

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464