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Vector ITC introduces Workey: Digital remote/on-site work solution.

Vector-ITC introduces Workey, a digital solution for managing remote and on-site work.

7 july, 2020. – Currently, the ways of working, the habits and the needs of the team and the company are in the process of change due to the impact of Covid-19. In this new scenario, the priorities are oriented towards virtual models that guarantee the integral security of all workers. Vector ITC, an international technological and digital group, has developed the app Workey, with the objective of offering a transversal solution for the management of access, shifts and corporate spaces in an agile and close way, which is presented as the perfect tool for the management of geographically distributed remote teams and for the management of de-escalation through a mixed work model (face to face and remote).

Workey is an application for mobile devices that allows and facilitates the integral management of the needs derived from a hybrid work model that combines remote and on-site activity in offices. It is a tool for the management and optimization of human capital and the resources and physical spaces of a company, allowing professionals to solve in a transversal way the needs derived from the new labor reality that the business ecosystem is experiencing. With the focus on user experience, security and optimization of productivity and resources, the application allows employees to manage their virtual and physical workspace, including shifts, access, reservation of common areas, etc.

The app shows through a wizard all the benefits and functions that can be carried out. For example, reserving a workspace to ensure greater security and efficiency in the management of work. From this section you will be able to see the availability of posts by date, building, section or floor and visualize in a map the available posts. At the same time you can see the occupation of the canteens by time slot, the management of shift change and a geolocation for check in and check out. From a very functional interface the employee will be able to manage, among many other things:

The objective of the development of this solution is to provide agility, adapting the functionalities to achieve quick responses. Beyond the health situation in which we find ourselves, the app has been conceived as an employment manager for any corporation”, says Aldara Sánchez, project leader and User Experience Manager in Vector ITC.

This solution is the perfect example of how technology is a great tool to address specific solutions to specific needs quickly, to complex situations that arise in this new day to day. We allow a proper monitoring and management of the employees in the working environment to guarantee the employee’s safety and the company’s productivity”, assures Muriel Artabe, Organization and Media Director.

For more information about the app go to the following link.

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Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464