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We reveal the keys to the most technological edition of the FITUR fair

Unlock the secrets to the most tech-savvy edition of the FITUR Fair. Explore more in Softtek's news release.

22 January, 2018 – Technology has finally broken into the tourism sector, as demonstrated by this year’s Fitur fair, marked by the immersion of technological innovation in the sector. Since the organization mark 2018 as the most technological year of the fair, which has experienced a growth in the presence of technology companies in a 16%. Vector ITC Group, a provider of technology and digital services of 100% Spanish capital, has been present in this year’s edition.

“This edition of Fitur highlights the use of data management, cybersecurity, blockchain and marketing as an instrument of reinvention of the sector,”says Nati de Mora, director of communication and marketing at Vector ITC.“The tourism sector, for example, is one of the most advanced in terms of technological immersion, especially in relation to the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation or cyberattacks that compromise data security stored by companies,”he adds.

The hotel sector faces the need to protect user data

Data security is an increasingly critical factor for the hotel industry due to constant technological advances. Industry experts agree that hotels must invest in high-security technology solutions, as well as traceability of who has access to data. In this way, they preserve the security and confidentiality of their customers. However, security is not only based on the technological pillar, but employees also play a key role.

Another topic where tourism experts excelled at the level of data protection was IoT products. To ensure their security, consumers should verify that the technology they purchase is minimally secure, otherwise they risk using their information fraudulently.

A new horizon in banking thanks to blockchain

The real digital transformation of a sector leads to a disruption that generates new business models that progress thanks to the collaborative economy and tokenization. FITUR experts have concluded that the new era is defined by the emergence of digital identity, which identifies who I transact with, what it exchanges and for what. An identity that allows traceability thanks to Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies and define the scope thanks to smartcontract.

The banking sector will be transformed structurally thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Currently there are more than 1400 and there are many types, such as Etherum that allows you to exchange code between users; IOTA, which automates orders and payments from mobile; Aragon, replaces administrative documentation and all red tape without the need for intermediaries; ripple for the banking sector or turistcoin for tourism.

Vector ITC Group, group 100% of Spanish capital, has extensive experience in the development and application of technologies in the management of large projects. Thanks to this they are pioneers in the creation of own methodologies for the development of Blockchain projects, characterized by speed, efficiency, cost optimization and reduced time to market. These projects combine the experience, creativity and dynamism of agile work teams with the capabilities of a large company, which positions us as benchmarks in the blockchain market.

On the other hand, innovation is part of the DNA of the group, so they invest on a recurring basis in the development of products that provide a differential value to our customers. Currently we have a wide portfolio of blockchain technology products, easy and fast to implement and without the need to do an ad-hoc development, among which we highlight the management of reach changes, the portfolio for the management of micropayments with currency, etc.

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464