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Leading agribusiness saves 20% in first year with Next-Gen ITOps

Digital Transformation Services | Agile
Portfolio Evolution | NextGen IT Operations


About the customer

A leading global provider in the agribusiness sector, specializing in the development and distribution of innovative, sustainable products and solutions for both industrial and consumer markets.

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3000+ employees

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Presence in 25+ countries

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100+ years of excellence


Business challenges

Following a strategic divestiture, our client embarked on a journey to enhance operational efficiency and drive cost savings without compromising on service quality. Previously supported by a mix of nearshore AMS through Softtek and an offshore partner in India, the client sought to consolidate and optimize its application and infrastructure management services. The objective was to transition fully to a nearshore model with Softtek, aiming to:


Proactively address and resolve root causes of issues to prevent recurrence.


Meet the localized operational needs of plants, reducing manual tasks for IT staff, enhancing quality, and enabling data-driven proactive alerts.


Achieve consistent cost improvements year over year while ensuring business continuity.


Transform the IT function into an enabler of broader business efficiency and transformation, adapting to the new operational landscape.


How Softtek comes into play

Softtek’s innovative solution for the client was centered around Next-Gen ITOps, an AI-driven approach to application and IT infrastructure management that aimed to achieve cost efficiencies while improving operational performance. Combining global nearshore delivery with automation and predictive tools, our solution not only addresses immediate problems but also supports continuous improvement and ticket reduction.

Softtek organized the client’s services into integrated nearshore teams, optimizing the onboarding and integration process. Key elements of the solution include:

Technology Operation Center (TOC): Combines automation, statistical models, self-healing (through RPA, AI, and ML), and root cause analysis to systematically reduce recurring issues and drive cost improvements over time.

Service desk: Serves as a single point of contact for end users, streamlining support requests, account management, and incident reporting with improved efficiency.

Application support: Manages a broad spectrum of SAP and non-SAP applications, organized by process function, to ensure their continuous and stable operation and alignment with operational needs.

Infrastructure services: Improves the performance and availability of the client’s IT technology assets, covering servers (on-prem and cloud), storage, network, databases, and active directory.

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Business impact

In this ongoing engagement, Softtek’s nearshore IT operations services and proactive approach to problem resolution have enabled the client to realize substantial cost savings and enhanced operational performance within the first year, setting the foundation for continuous improvement.


20% cost savings in the first year.


1% average annual abandoned calls rate for critical (Level 1) incidents.


99.97% global operational availability, facilitated by the infrastructure command center.


16K+ tickets resolved, with only 1.8% classified as priority 1 or critical.

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