Driving business transformation through the intelligent enterprise

As human behavior and expectations continue to quickly evolve, it’s clear that delivering a frictionless customer and employee experience is now just as important as the actual products and services that retailers sell. At Softtek, we’re laser-focused on helping retailers reimagine retail and accelerate digital transformation— by creating intelligent digital platforms and experiences our clients rely on— to continuously drive new business value.

Home improvement retailer
transforms its digital platform

Agenda for Retail

Retail executives are faced with a short-and long-term agenda and must make swift judgements to address the following areas: 

Customer Experience

Accelerated digital adoption forces retailers to make the shopping experience easier, safer, and more efficient.


A wild mix of user interfaces based on different technologies and navigation schemes hampers user experience and employee efficiency.

Supply Chain Management

Lack of accurate and up-to-date inventory data, lead times, and procurement timings leads to late and inefficient planning and prevents fast response.


Difficulty in identifying the best supply sources, with data spread across disparate sources.


Uncertainty in finding the best way to innovate according to business needs.


Any retailer dealing with highly seasonal merchandise needs to manage an increasing number of products with rapid changes in the product lifecycle.

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Our services and solutions

Softtek has created a series of rapid and flexible solutions that can be implemented and deployed to tackle the following challenges:

Digital Sales Services


Digital Sales Services

Demand generation, eCommerce platform, backend logistic efficiency, payment methods, last-mile delivery, and post-sale services tools.

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Data & Analytics


Business Insight & Optimization

  • Accurate, automated decision-making
  • Asset utilization, fraud & loss prevention, consumer insight, demand forecasting, energy/utilities management

Hybrid Integration Platform for Retailers


Retail-Specific Solution Implementation & Management

  • Adoption of product/solution best practices
  • Business optimization: data, application & process integration

Intelligent IT Operations


Intelligent IT Operations

  • High availability of IT Application Services
  • Accountability & responsiveness to service incidents
  • Reduction of “Total Cost of Outcome”

Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation

  • A holistic understanding of digital market trends
  • Transformation of the business model, driving business through digital and making the IT organization a partner in business enablement

Business Automation


Business Automation

  • Cost-saving and efficient
  • Shift employee focus from rote, repetitive tasks to address critical business functions

Agile App Development & Management


Agile App Development & Management

  • Increase go-to-market speed
  • Enhance the quality of deliverables
  • Prototype and create MVPs to facilitate customer A/B testing

Click2Sync Omnichannel


Click2Sync Omnichannel

Click2Sync is a multichannel e-commerce integration platform that rapidly and reliably connects storefronts, marketplaces, ERPs, and more. Consolidate your information and keep it synchronized across channels and platforms.

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Other Services


Other Services

Softtek has created a series of flexible solutions that can be implemented and deployed rapidly for the COVID-19 context.

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How we are helping clients in the Retail sector

Retail | SAP | Application Management
Cloud-based POS system streamlines inventory, optimizes store processes for footwear retailer
Retail | SAP | Application Management
Omnichannel-ready POS solution transforms large grocer’s business and CX
Retail | FRIDA | Quality Engineering | Application Management | DevOps | Agile Software Development
Custom store management system helps home improvement retailer retain market leadership, expand business
From brick to click: How a department store chain improved fulfillment logistics during Covid-19

Softtek developed and implemented a scalable back-end logistics strategy that combines order generation, picking, packaging, distribution, and last-mile delivery into a single platform to manage huge spikes in demand across its retail channels.

Office product & solutions leader in the USA and Canada

Softtek implements a solution to dramatically improve customers’ online shopping experience-

Retail | Quality Engineering | Intelligent Automation | Agile Software Development
Top 10 retailer in Mexico

Through Softtek’s Cognitive services, “FRIDA,” the client automated complex business processes, maximized employee potential by reassigning them to value-added activities inside the organization and reduced human errors in business and financial operations. 

Automotive | Retail | SAP | Cloud Services | Digital Triage | Digital Sales Services
One of the Largest Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers in Mexico

Through Softtek’s solutions and services the client unified its technological platform to reduce costs, increased its international and national presence and improved customer satisfaction and experience.