Nearshore cybersecurity saves top airline 20% on cost per threat

About the customer

Top Canadian airline.

Annual revenue of $20B+

Over 26M passengers each year

160+ airplanes

>100 destinations in over 25 countries

"In partnership with Softtek, we were able to implement a transformational security and risk mitigation service protecting not only our internal data but also our customers. This partnership has given us the security we needed to defend, recover, and remediate against any cyber threats."

CIO, of a Canadian airline

Business challenges

With the airline becoming increasingly dependent on its digital operations, digital security and transparency are a top priority as cyber threats become more frequent and sophisticated. Our client needed to increase its cybersecurity maturity to protect customer data, prevent breaches, mitigate threats, ensure regulatory compliance, and guarantee business continuity.


Incorporate customer-facing advanced safety measures.


Prioritize security bandwidth to the most critical areas of need.


Reduce cybersecurity costs while increasing asset coverage.


Securely manage all confidential customer and employee information and intellectual property.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek was engaged for digital security and risk mitigation using its global nearshore delivery model. By deploying a strategy to improve threat management, reduce manual processes, and meet regulatory requirements, Softtek provided 24/7 monitoring, regular audits, threat consolidation, and rapid response times.

Performed a security assessment and defined an enterprise IT security management roadmap.

Centralized and consolidated security functions into one partner.

Automated monitoring to reduce time to detect and escalate incidents.

Audit and compliance support to provide 100% cybersecurity audit documentation and evidence.

Business impact

Through Softtek’s managed security services, our client benefits from a solid cyber threat hunting and mitigation backbone while its internal digital security personnel can focus on optimizing other areas of its security stack.

80% decrease in false positives.

25% reduction to internal security personnel workload.

40% increase in cybersecurity assets coverage.

20% savings in cost per threat.

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