Agile development of a safety management system other research labs envy

About the customer

Our client is a world-renowned research facility and scientific lab whose technologies developed—particularly those related to energy efficient breakthroughs—have been attributed to billions of dollars in revenues and savings for users across industries.

Associated with multiple Nobel Prizes and high scientific honors

Thousands of visiting scientists and scholars

Founded in the 1930s

Business challenges

Across its lab and research settings, our client must effectively create tasks with proper hazard analysis, approvals, authorizations, and post-project improvement measures. Its current process was not unified, lacked the tools to authorize a diverse range of activities, and needed to switch from worker-level to activity-level work planning. Surprisingly, there was no solution on that market that combined everything into a single platform. Our client needed a partner to develop a custom web application for those processes to be conducted on a single integrated system to reduce risk, improve compliance, and ensure all hazards are controlled and work is authorized.

Solution must-have's:


Intuitive interface, navigation, features, and instructions.


Customized view of information based on the user’s role.


Ability of leadership to modify access levels per user and review and modify activities and controls from the system.


Mobile device accessibility to critical workplace safety information and specific daily processes.

How Softtek comes into play

Although our client had a clear goal to authorize work and control hazards, the project was subject to changing functionality requirements as it progressed. Softtek was chosen to lead the development and implementation of the new safety management system based on its proposed Agile development and minimum viable project (MVP) approach, which would enable functionality to be rapidly developed and tested with control groups before being released to all users. The result was a fully integrated safety management system with end-to-end worker and hazard controls per activity.

Three-phase Agile development approach: create the backlog and define the architecture (5 sprints), iterate MVPs and get user feedback (10 sprints), then complete the remaining user stories and improve based on feedback cycles (14 sprints).

Added mobile device functionalities based on client input.

Built in useful features such as a hazards library, group collaboration for safety and activity managers, and integration with other lab data sources for greater visibility.

Business impact

Our client’s safety management system allows it to do what it does best—research and develop innovative solutions at its labs—while keeping people safe and expediting lab activities faster. In fact, the system was so effective, other labs are showing interest in acquiring a comparable solution.

Within the first two years, Softtek enabled up to 1,500 mitigation actions for 500 critical tasks available to 7,000 associates.

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