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AI-driven QA boosts speed and confidence for multichannel consignment brand

Agile Portfolio Evolution


About the customer

A reputable online luxury consignment store offering a wide selection of preowned designer clothing, accessories, and jewelry.

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US $700M+ revenue

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Customer-driven supply

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Known for its commitment to authenticity


Business challenges

As our client evolved from a solely web-based operation to a sophisticated multichannel ecommerce strategy, it became critical to frequently introduce new functionalities for both customers and backend operations. Peak seasons and holidays further accentuated the need for timely and confident deployments. However, due to the rapid growth, gaps in the QA process became evident, so the client sought a strategic partnership aimed at:


Optimizing QA documentation: Enhancing QA process efficiency for improved compliance with quality standards and knowledge sharing.


Minimizing production defects: Improving reliability and customer satisfaction while accelerating time to market.


Facilitating same-day releases: Rapidly aligning operations with customer feedback and evolving market demands.


How Softtek comes into play

Impressed by our FRIDA ITA (Intelligent Test Automation) platform’s AI-driven capabilities, the client chose Softtek for a managed QA service engagement. Starting with a detailed due diligence to pinpoint key areas for enhancement, Softtek built the solution around streamlining QA workflows and increasing test automation coverage. Our approach emphasized the combination of our QA experts with our platform’s automation capabilities, underpinned by a dedicated QA Lead to support a scalable QA framework aligned with the client’s Agile processes and development cycles.

Key components of the engagement included:

FRIDA ITA integration: Enhanced QA regression automation, significantly improving efficiency and test coverage while minimizing defects in production.

Agile testing framework: Deployed the framework combining our QA experts with our ITA platform, fully aligned with the client’s development team.

Continuous improvement framework: Focused on enhancing test management processes and tools, such as Zephyr, to improve traceability and operational insight.

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Business impact

The transition from a manual, immature process to a robust, highly automated workflow has revolutionized the client’s production releases. The client can now deploy more frequently while ensuring high quality standards for the digital services that serve its clients and support its operations.


Achieved 84% automation coverage for all regression testing.


90% defect reduction rate compared to previous vendor.


Zero Priority 1 and Priority 2 defects leaked to production.

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