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New app streamlines client service for advisory and benefits giant

Agile Portfolio Evolution | NextGen IT Operations


About the customer

A leading global company in advisory, brokerage, and solutions, offering extensive services in risk management, insurance, human capital, and employee benefits, among others.

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2ok+ employees

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Presence in 100+ countries


Business challenges

Faced with outdated technology limiting expansion and service improvement, our client aimed to modernize its systems for enhanced service delivery. The strategy included migrating to cloud technologies and leveraging data analytics, which would lay the foundation for the development of an application for the efficient management of employee benefits. Key challenges included:


Minimize reliance on high maintenance, on-premises applications with security concerns.


Enhance digital and mobile technology to maximize its digital reach and provide more efficient services.


Improve data management efficiency, adding new analytics tools to leverage unstructured data.


How Softtek comes into play

Softtek was tasked with crafting and executing a comprehensive digital strategy to streamline how our client serves its customers. The project required a significant upgrade of systems to a cloud environment, as well as new technologies and processes.

In just three months, Softtek ramped up a team of 60 professionals following a flexible and strategic approach to engagement models, including staffing, managed capacity, and Agile pod managed services. This ensured an optimal balance of talent allocation, cost-effectiveness, and expedited time to market for key functionality. The team’s focus spanned across different domains, including microservices, application development, QA and testing, data analytics, and IT infrastructure support, all within cloud-based environments.

Cloud migration and modernization: Transitioning key solutions to Azure and AWS, ensuring both scalability and security.

Application overhaul: Implementing newer technologies like MS Net Core, Azure, microservices, and APIs to modernize applications.

Advanced data platform: Developing a data-driven platform, leveraging machine learning and data analytics to enhance customer service capabilities.

QA process automation: Streamlining operations with automated quality assurance.

Software product development: Spearheading the end-to-end development of a platform for managing employee benefits, available on iOS and Google Play.

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Business impact

The projects streamlined customer interactions and benefits management, enhanced the scale of digital and mobile technologies, and utilized advanced data analytics for improved insights. Additionally, the client successfully overcame cloud migration challenges such as security and compatibility, successfully transitioning key services to Azure and AWS.


US $144K savings on cloud infrastructure costs in less than 3 months.


10K+ mobile application downloads.


Reduced survey algorithm processing time from one week to mere minutes using machine learning.


100% of projects delivered on time or early.

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