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Custom Salesforce solution streamlines global education leader's student experience

Agile Portfolio Evolution


About the customer

For decades, this global educational powerhouse has nurtured student success, providing education solutions to students, universities, and the enterprise. With a business area dedicated to directly serving students online and in-person and another offering white-labeled educational solutions, its global offerings have rapidly matured, creating new areas of opportunity for the company.

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Online courses accessed in 100+ countries

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10K+ employees

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10K+ corporate clients

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1,000+ educational partners


Business challenges

Two business units shared a single instance of Salesforce and multiple unintegrated environments, clouding the visibility each business required to fuel-efficient decision making and operational transparency. To continue providing value to individual students and institution partners through their white label division, our client required the ability to reduce manual data entry and separate its B2C and B2B Salesforce instances— to empower each department to own and manage their data independently.

Faced with growing demands to streamline the education user experience and help their managed services clients to do the same— our client engaged Softtek as a digital partner to help manage their current Salesforce implementations.


Both business units wanted to quickly put Salesforce at the center of its marketing, acquisition, commerce, and CX functions.


Client required a stable Salesforce solution that could also be white-labeled and rapidly deployed to client universities and companies at scale.


Empower admissions, sales, student relationship managers, and production teams with accurate data to enhance their interactions with students and better support enterprise customers who leverage a white-labeled version of the instance with the same robust functionality.


How Softtek comes into play

As a certified Salesforce partner with deep experience in CX, Softtek helped our client make customer-centricity part of every area’s responsibility leveraging our front-end and back-end data integration capabilities. We were called upon to deliver a custom Salesforce solution based on a complex set of requirements spanning different functional areas, from admissions and student relationship management (SRM) teams to technology leaders and production environments.

Provided day-to-day support of all Salesforce instances, integrations, and Salesforce Cloud solutions, including:
• Custom web services for continuous data replication
• Connection of applications and legacy systems to Salesforce

Standardized the contact management strategy and enrollment process to strengthen marketing efforts and enhance the student journey.

Designed and developed a standardized Salesforce solution that helped our client white label their solution and help their B2B business unit grow.

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Business impact

With new Salesforce implementations successfully in place, both business lines achieved a consolidated and personalized view of their data, giving each team the data and insight they need to scale. This included freeing up time for data-backed decisions, assembling the right outreach, and ensuring that each new instance and integration across its enterprise white-labeling division is mapped back to business processes and requirements.


Reduced manual data replication efforts to zero.


Improved marketing campaigns with access to an improved 360-degree view.


Reduced incoming requests from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to the SRM team to less than one per month.

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Reduced time to deploy the standardized enrollment and post-enrollment solution to two to three weeks.


50 percent fewer leads sent to the client’s performance marketing agency, reducing the need to nurture prospects and further reducing customer acquisition costs.


99.7% data replication accuracy and zero compromises to information security.

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