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Data mesh transformation empowers leading brewery to optimize data-driven strategies

Agile Portfolio Evolution


About the customer

The beer brewing division of one of the leading producers and marketers of alcoholic beverages in USA.

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50+ years in the market

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10K+ employees

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US $5B+ revenue


Business challenges

Our client’s beer division was determined to enhance and expand its local data domain for more effective upstream consumption across various business functions. They faced significant challenges with their aging enterprise data warehouse (EDW), which became a bottleneck due to its slow processing and inability to swiftly integrate data from various sources. This resulted in critical weeks-long delays in delivering information to decision makers. Additionally, transitioning from outdated on-prem technology to a modern cloud-based solution introduced complexities due to lack of specialized skills within its team. Key challenges included:


Significant delays in data integration from multiple sources hindered real-time decision making.


The existing EDW system was outdated, slow, and a bottleneck in processing large volumes of data.


The transition to cloud technology required skills that were not readily available within the existing team.


Advanced tools like SAP Data Sphere and SAP Analytics Cloud were not being fully utilized due to integration and adoption challenges.


How Softtek comes into play

Softtek stepped in to architect and implement a scalable, cloud-based data mesh platform, establishing a robust data solution ecosystem across the organization. We not only delivered the technical solution but also led the cultural adoption of the new systems within client teams, ensuring a smooth transition and rapid learning.

Formed specialized teams to transition the traditional EDW to a data mesh model, focusing on creating data products, reports, and analytics. These teams were cross-functional and were comprised of front-end and backend developers, DevOps, and data specialists.

Implemented a dedicated pod to seamlessly ingest data from both the production line and back-office systems, ensuring a holistic approach to data management.

Crafted a comprehensive data architecture to process and present data from all available sources, crucial for monitoring variables in beer production.

Facilitated the integration of data from both SAP and non-SAP systems, enriching the reports and dashboards generated.

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Business impact

Softtek empowered the client’s brewery operations with actionable insights and efficient access to OKRs and KPIs to drive optimal decision-making and enhance core processes. The new data insights are being actively used to refine RGM pricing strategies, tailor marketing initiatives, and develop detailed shopper profiles, boosting sales forecasts and consumer engagement through hyper-personalization.


Reduced the time required for teams to access necessary information from 14 hours to under 30 minutes.


The expected reduction in corrective orders is projected to save the company approximately US $124K annually.


10% reduction in the hours spent on corrective orders.


Reduced the time from data gathering to presentation from weeks to days, thanks to the new data architecture alongside improved reports and dashboards.

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