CX transformation increases auto manufacturer’s customer lifetime value by 23%

About the customer

Top ten multinational economy car, SUV, and EV manufacturer.

200+ dealerships in Mexico

40+ manufacturing plants worldwide

Presence in 20+ countries

5M+ cars sold annually

"Incorporating CX into our sales process was essential. Softtek was the right partner to lead this critical transformation as their strategies and systems were focused on creating lasting benefits while immediately driving results."

Managing Director, Mexico division

Business challenges

Car manufactures used to compete primarily on engineering prowess, but today, building a good car is expected. Incumbent brands have watched the data-rich, tech-led brands like Rivian and Tesla engineer customer-centric sales strategies that have skyrocketed their referral businesses and customer lifetime value. Aware of the evolving competitive landscape, our client wanted to transform by incorporating CX into its sales process and achieving a customer 360 view.


Establish a unified customer experience strategy across all business areas with a shift in focus from products to experiences.


Reduce friction and understand individual customer needs at every touchpoint.


Use KPIs that reveal pain points and precise ways to improve customer equity.

How Softtek comes into play

The client partnered with Softtek to conceive and implement a customer-centric transformation of its sales and marketing processes, focusing primarily on enabling digital channels to innovate and lead in the Mexico market’s car buying experience.

Appointed a CX Office to define the CX strategy and continuously suggest and improve analytics capabilities and omnichannel experiences.

Defined customer centric KPIs and implemented dashboards to unite marketing and sales under a customer 360 view to rapidly address CX areas of opportunity.

Agile development of high-impact digital quick wins throughout the customer journey (shopping, purchasing, and owning).

Business impact

Through a well-defined CX strategy and better metrics, our client was able to deploy new omnichannel experiences with confidence and improve targeted marketing, leading to increased business opportunities and sales.

23% increase in customer lifetime value.

Customer 360 view and frictionless touchpoints.

Increased lead conversion rate.

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