Gather, understand and act on information generated in the physical world from things, systems and people.


blauLabs is a proven Enterprise IoT Platform that seamlessly integrates into your technology ecosystem, connects “out-of-the-box” to a wide variety of signal & data sources, processes large amounts of data in a cloud environment, and provides self-service advanced visualization and analytics tools.

blauLabs cloud run-time architecture provides guaranteed high availability and scalability.

blauLabs is billed according to an elastic SaaS subscription model, proportional to the quantity of signals & data processed. Therefore, your operational expense will be strongly correlated to your business outcome.

Gather and integrate data from Industrial data sources, IoT devices and information management systems.

Understand the business operation through advanced real-time analytics and easy to understand charts and dashboards.

Act whenever a parameter exceeds thresholds, through alerts or automated processes.

Integrate multiple data sources
on a single platform

Operational Technology

Sensors / SCADA Systems / PLCs

Information Technology

Routers / Servers / DBs / Applications

IoT Devices

Cameras / GPS / Beacons / Tags / etc



Use Cases

Energy and Utilities Management

Industrial Integration

Fleet Management

Smart Tracking

Intelligent Spaces

Data Center Operations Monitoring

Asset Performance Management


Self service functionality


Custom dashboards

Interface based on user roles and responsibility

Ready to use asset model

Built-in data security

User management


On demand, scheduled and triggered delivery

Email Distribution List

Drag & Drop user generated

Multiple charts


Big data visualization analysis tools


Transform data into valuable information

In line data export to multiple formats

Advanced analytics: For example baseline, forecast, multivariate anomaly detection through machine learning and neural networks


Any data or analytics can trigger an alert

Real-time or batch

SMS and email delivery


7 Languages available

Selectable measurement system display

Automatic time-zone management


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SaaS accelerates deployment

HUB module to integrate multiple data sources

Mobile enabled – Responsive application

Cloud/Hybrid/On-premise deployment model

Carrier Class, 99.999% availability

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